Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


p 103-1492 Robert Buckley of Buffalo
Robert Buckley traveled over a million miles as a representative of Singer Corporation, in their progam of flight simulation machines for trainig of air pilots. Both his father and mother Richard and Helen Buckley were grandchildren of Michael Buckley 1834-1918 of Moskeigh, Templemartin, Bandon, county Cork, Ireland. Richard was the eldest of nine children of Michael Buckley jr and Jane Swindell, who lived for a number of years on Watergate St. in Bandon after Michael worked in Irish constabulary and barytes mines. Many of that family went to Ilford, England, and Richard and his four brothers became accountants. Richard came to the Buffalo, New York, area about 1924 and married his cousin Helen, who was born in Philadelphia 1894 and lived on East Eight South Boston and in Milford, Massachusetts in 1890s before her father John Buckley moved to Buffalo around 1900. He had four children, and one of Helen's older sisters Mrs. Carlin had ten children and forty grandchildren in the Buffalo suburb Blasdell. John Barrett met Richard and Helen and Bob Buckley in a January 1792 visit, after he had visited Loretto Buckley at Moskeigh July-August 1971. Richard Buckley drove John to see Niagara Falls in winter - John had seen the falls with his father and mother August 1947. Helen Buckley was an enthusiastic schoolteacher. Richard and Helen lived into their mid-to-late eighties, but Robert died of prostate cancer about 1993.
Year: 1991