Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


104-1497 Penguins at Ushuaia Terra del Fuego near Straits of Magellan extreme southern Argentina photo by William W. Paca jr. Feb 2001
William W. Paca junior and his wife made a cruise from Valparaiso Chile around southern South America to Buenos Aires February 2001 and sent photos, maps, and postcards. Paca and his father are named for an ancestor who signed Declaration of Independence 1776, and many generations lived in Annapolis, Maryland. Paca's father attended West Point Miitary Academy and served in France in World War I becmae Marine Officer 1920s and commanded U.S. Marines about gunboat TULSA 1931 based near Tientsin China. He and Jack Barrett worked closely for the TULSA to achieve a top score in Asiatic Fleet Gunnery competition in summer 1931 maneuvers near the Shantung Peninsula. The Barretts saw the senior Paca in Hawaii 1946 when he commanded Camp Caitlin on Oahu. Sophie Barrett's memoirs recount how Paca came to visit the Barretts in Waikiki and accompanied then to an evening party celebration Captain Samuel Wilder King's return home after his wartime service as Governor of American Samoa. Bill Paca junior lived in Hawaii in 1930s and also served in as a Marine officer in Pacific World War 2 in Marianas and elsewhere. John Barrett visited him in Richmond Virginia November 16, 1999.