Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


105-1509 Forks High School cheerleaders 2001 with Coach Cathy Johnson left front
88-1364 Father Edward M. Hartigan 1889-1978 ordained 1917 jubilee photo 1967 fifty years. IRELAND CONTACTS 1970s Father Edward Hartigan and his sisters Mary and Gertrude and their brothers Jeremiah, James, and John were second cousins of Commander John Barrett 1888-1969. They grew up at corner D and Third Streets South Boston where Jack Barrett often saw them.Jack was very close with their mother and their older brother James, a journalist who died of spinal tuberculosis 1912. After graduation from Boston College 1911 Edward Hartigan accepted appointment at West Point Military Academy and was a classmate of future Army Generals Dwight Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, and James Van Fleet, but when his older brother James died, he felt needed at home and resigned and entered the priesthood 1917. He was in North Weymouth a number of years and 1953-1970 pastor of Immaculate Conception Church in Everett.About 1924 he founded Camp Cedar Crest for boys and girls in Green Harbor, Marshfield, on the Massachusetts South Shore, and his family retired there in the 1970s. His mother adopted a considerably younger girl Dorothy, who became Mrs. James Dunn and whose family were very close with the Hartigans. The youngest of the Hartigan brothers, John, also had a family of four or five who were in the Green Harbor area. Father Hartigan met O Farrell second cousins at Kilbarry, Bandon county Cork while touring 1929, and his sister May was very helpful when Sophie and John Barrett traced Jack's mother's relatives 1970-1971. Sean O Farrell and his sisters Sheila Hennessy and Joan Collins remembered Father Hartigan's 1929 visit and identified scenes in photos he took there. Jack Barrett attended Father Hartigan's 1967 golden jubilee- fifty years a priest, where Boston Cardinal Richard Cushing officiated. Jack was re-united on that occasion with two of his Buckley first cousins in Melrose, Gertrude and Alice Buckley, daughters of his uncle John Buckley and Jenny Cain, born in Warrington near Liverpool England.Sophie Barrett enjoyed many visits with the Hartigans at Green Harbor Marshfield. May Hartigan taught mathermatics at Washington Irving School, Roslindale and lived with her mother and sister Gertrude at 80 Brown Avenue near Sacred Heart Church. IRELAND LETTERS and VISITS 1970s [moved from #1120 p 59] Moskeigh Ireland Ilford England, {I}{B} Year: 1971 Moskeigh Ilford from typed #98 -Loretto Buckley Ann O Farrell -Cyril Buckley-#98 from Sophie Barrett text On September 15, l970 Miss (Ann) Loretto Buckley of Moskeigh Templemartin Bandon, County Cork, Ireland wote a letter that thrilled John junior and me as it promised to open a whole new understanding of the family of Jack's mother- the Buckleys. She wrote, "My dear friends: I have read a letter in the newspaper Saturday the twelfth of September. -that you are seeking information regarding relatives of your husband, stating his grandfather was Daniel A. Buckley from near Bandon. The letter also stated that he corresponded with a Michael Buckley of Moskeigh. Now Michael Buckley was my grandfather.His son Patrick Buckley was my father,and the Buckleys are in Moskeigh all the time since.We are still the only family of Buckleys in Moskeigh for hundreds of years. There are several cousins around here.One of my sisters has passed away - Marcella.I have one living sister and one brother. Mary Ellen is my sister's name, and Richard my brother.I think you are on the right track to get to know your Irish friends ('friends'used to mean relatives in traditional Irish speech).When I hear from you perhaps I will have more news for you,as I hope to seek the parish records for more information.Have you ever come to Ireland? If not, perhaps ye will some time in the near future. I will close now,hoping tht this little bit of news will help you. I remain,your truly, Miss Loretto Buckley.- Moskeigh, Templemartin, Bandon, county Cork, Ireland." On May 15, l97l John's cousin Loretto Buckley wrote again from Moskeigh,county Cork, "My dear John,I have great pleasure in writing this letter and to say how delighted we are that you are to visit us here in Moskeigh.You are very welcome to stay here in my house.Now if you arrive at Shannon airport,Sean O Farrell and I will meet you there and will have you in Moskeigh in a few hours. We will have a motor car as it would be very troublesome to try to make your way by bus out here,and we don't know anything about transport from the Shannon airport, so don't be in any way troubled. Just let me know the day and date and the time you expect to be at Shannon. Clothing stores are available and a very nice lot in all the stores.I will go with you if you would like a helper.Your trip is very much cheaper if you get what is called here a single ticket.You are welcome to remainas long as you wish.Moskeigh and Kilbarry are quite country places.Still I am sure you will like to be with us.Yes, I do see my brother very often- he is only five miles from me.He has not any telephone,nor I haven't got any phone.Sean O Farrell had the phone. Yes you can get to West Cork as the bus does go from Bandon out there.If you don't drive a car,you will be helped out as best I can. We hope to take you to your cousins. I am sure you will have a nice time.You will get fond of the cows and calves.You will be a farmer in a short time.And it is here in Moskeigh you will sleep.I will do my best for you, although I don't do much traveling as the cows and the farm keeps all farmers near home." And Sean O Farrell's wife Anne wrote in May l97l,"Dear Mr. Barrett,I am writing these few lines to help Sean out. You asked for the names and ages of the children. We have five girls and two boys: Katherine sixteen years Anna and Daniel boy and girl twins fourteen and a half Mary thirteen John eleven years Claire seven years and Bernadette six years.I think Sean filled you in with all other information as I join with him by saying that you will be very welcome to Ireland and we will do all we can to make your stay a pleasant one." - Sean's letter "I am very glad to hear that you are to visit us in the near future and you will be very welcome. If you are coming to Moskiegh and Kilbarry, at first we will meet you at Shannon airport so you will have no worries there. As for accomodation you need have no worries as Loretto will be delighted to have you, and we also would keep you.If after having stayed for a few days you may prefer other accomodation,there are plenty places to stay in the local town and also Guest Houses.I think from what I have heard that a round trip would be best for you and I think you will get all that information at an Irish travel agency.Some tourists come to Ireland by chartered flight,but you may be late for that.Now you need not be very particular about clothes- you may need a sweater as the evenings get rather chilly.You can buy all the clothes you want here.It doesn't matter what month you come as our busy periods vary according to the weather.Your query on land records: I believe they are kept in the Land Commission Office in Dublin.Your inquiry on bus service: Well, there is a great service between towns but very little to parts of the country- our nearest bus is three miles.I drive a Volkswagon and pull a trailer with it as it is very quick to go to the creamery with it and markets. I could drive you on many occasions but I would be afraid I wouldn't be always available. I have only two sisters- both married and with family, one living quite near and the other in Cork city. Assuring you of a hearty welcome- my telephone number is Templemartin 18." (p. 577-8( As a result of his correspondence with Loretto Buckley in Moskeigh and Sean O Farrell in Kilbarry, both Jack's Irish second cousins, John left for Ireland July 13, l97l to get acquainted with his kin, but his primary purpose was to collect information to be used in genealogical material for these memoirs, which appear in this and other chapters.We have many letters to me from John in Ireland, which will probably be used later if John writes a book about his travels abroad.In l97l he met about ninety relatives abroad- is most enthusiastic about everything in County Cork where he spent most of his time on dairy farms operated by the Buckleys and the o Farrells. p574When John was in Moskeigh County Cork, Ireland in July and August l97l he received a letter from his father's second cousin Cyril Buckley of Ilford, Essex, England written on 26 July l97l, "Dear cousin John,Thank you for your very welcome letter received a few days ago.I had heard of your existence through my sisters Marcella and Lena who in turn had heard of you through Loretto.I am so glad that our son Gerard was in Moskeigh to join in welcoming you to Ireland.It was a most pleasant surprise to receive your most informative letter. I am most interested in the family history which you have give and would be only too pleased to add any further information to that which you have already compiled. Unfortunately I am at present unable to add very much but am making inquiries with the other members of the famly -my brothers and sisters and sincerely hope that they will be able to contribute something useful.I am unable to say whether my grandfather Michael Buckley l834-l9l8 had any sisters married or otherwise.From the information you have given, I have endeavored to compile a family tree a copy of which I enclose herewith.It is reasonably accurate as far as my information goes.There is so much that I wish to say to you but will refrain in this letter in the hope that you will agree to my following suggestion: We would all like very much if you would come over here to see us.You will be most welcome and it will only take you about one hour from Cork to London airport where we shall meet you.As you know we will be very pleased to have you stay with us as long as you wish.We can then have a good chat and we hope give you some at least of the information you require.If you do decide to come,please let me know your time of arrival. You may telephon me any evening if you wish in order that I can met you at the airport.Please do come.Thank you for your various addresses and your offer to help Gerard,etc. He was delighted to meet you and will be writing to you soon.I would also thank you for your kind invitation to your home near Boston and perhaps a visit may be possible in the not too distant future.Give our love to May, Loretto, and Jack (Sheehy) and tell them that Bertha my wife and I ay visit them in September next as we are contemplating a visit to Ireland this summer.If you cn't come to London this time- I hope you can- I will write you more fully in the near future.With love from us all to you all over there in Ireland. sincerely, your cousin, Cyril B. Buckley." JOHN BARRETT letter from Moskeigh farm to mother Sophie Barrett 1972: 0,1a #1124 p 59 black notebook eight p. 66 {I}{B} Year: 1972 Moskeigh June 27, 1972 June 26 we called on Jerry Kelleher and his sisters - Julia and Mrs. Hanora O Leary. They are first cousins of Richard O Halloran through their mothers, who were Graingers.There aunt age 86 Miss. Sarah Grainger is at Montenotte [north of Lee River on east side of Cork city]. Their grandfather was William Grainger 1835-1913 whose stone we saw at Kilmurry June 19. His father a protestant married Mary Buckley. They had twelve or thirteen children of whom William was the eldest boy. The oldest girl Kate went to USA. and had a famous son General [Michael] Lenihan.I think Father [Francis] Sweeney of Boston College [English and humanities]has a connection to General Lenihan.There is a very large clan of Graingers who appear to be third cousins of Dad's.Tim O Mahony's mother used to speak of her father's Grainger connections.I believe Mrs. Mary Buckley Grainger was an aunt of Daniel A. Buckley, Dad's grandfater. I think --67-- by her age and the general agreement on a relation that she was a sister of John Buckley Dad's great-grandfather, who owned this farm in 1852.One of the Graingers more recently married Steven Buckley of Grandbeg, a relation of Mrs. Margaret O Sullivan and Mrs. Jim Hallahan.There is still no proof that the Grandbeg Buckleys were directly related to the Moskeigh Buckleys,except through the Graingers.Monday afternoon May Buckley and I walked up Scariff Hill to Hallahans'. Jim Hallahan remembers talk of a "Simon Punch" said to have lived on the upper farm on hat road many years before his own time. Loretto thinks Simon may appear in parish records [his daughter Johanna Punch, married Cornelius Buckley about 1833.]Jim Hallahan may be distantly connected to Daniel A. Buckley's mother through the "Quarry" Murphys of RATHCULLEN Rathcullen.Mrs. Hallahan expects a grandnephew Paul Galvin of Dedham to call about July 4. Graingers have BUCKLEY ancestors not vice versa.Mrs. Hallahan walked with us to see next house where Paddy Horgan is 85-87? He says there was no house eighty years ago on the upper farm - now Brady's-where Michael Buckley constructed a cottage.There was some old structure from which bricks were taken for the cottage.--68--Simon and perhaps Jerry had been there once. Loretto's cousin Leslie Buckley was born there in 1914-1915.The cottage is now the home of Mrs. Lynch. Con Brady has the adjoining 28 acres and built a new house there. I go to Wexford June 30.coming back from Hallahans' we stopped at O Farrells'.Mrs. O Farrell showed May their fine milking parlor,which Sean designed.Martin Desmond was cutting silage for them.John Clarke's nephew was spraying weeds next door. Two Kehily children were visiting.We had tea. I played piano for May.Mrs. O Farrell is to go in soon for tests for gallstones and perhaps diaphragmatic hernia [which] occurred years ago in childbirth.We will probably go out to see Richy Buckley Newcestown tonight[June 27].Pat is permanently now at Cloughduv creamery but assigned last week temporarily to the Templemartin branch.That is why we saw him four or five times last week. The creamery may be replaced by bulk [tank] collection in three to five years.It would cost thousands for Loretto to convert.She may retire or switch to dry cattle.Sean does not like the big investment but will make it if necessary. Mr. Hallahan lost two fine dogs who ate poison on neighbor's land.{Some] dogs did hundreds of dollars of damage to sheep - not necessarily Jim's dogs, but they ate the poison.The poison is supposed to be set only at night.Jim usually keeps his dogs in by night.I'm not sure if the neighbor left it out by day, which is illegal - if so, he would be liable to Jim. Mrs. O Halloran Scartnamuck returned Saturday from visiting sister in Dublin. We may call there Wednesday evening June 28.Sunday June 25 there was a big crowd of Sheehy relations here four to seven pm.Paddy and Norah Manning came from Glanmire east of Cork,with their four children John, Maurice,Mary and Katherine.Mr. and Mrs. John Clarke came up also with eldest son Bob who passed --70--driving test Skibbereen last Tuesday June 20 and daughter Ann. Other sons Jerry and Sean elsewhere. they other sister Peg Mrs. John Murphy came with three of her six daughters- Kitty nineteen engaged Theresa 9 Paula 5-- also a young son of Christy Collins [guest of Murphys] was with the Murphys age 3. We expected Maurice Sheehy.Jack and I went over Saturday night [across the lane outside Loretto's farm]to invite him [Jack's brother Maurice, whose three daughters were expected visiting].But Sunday afternoon Jack and Maurice both skedaddled on us and went out to watch bowling matches over the road at Templemartin. I think the Mannings may have been disappointed, as they came a considerable distance.[Norah Manning is youngest of Maurice's threee daughters.]We served mandarin orange segments & pineapple & cottge cheese as well as the usual tea and cake.Sunday at church Loretto spotted Mr. Jerry Kelleher and made the appointment to call on him Monday evening.That is how we uncovered the Grainger-Buckley information.His sister Mrs. Hanora O Leary is the one who knew the history.We saw Slynes and [Eugene] O Riordan at church also.Sunday night I stopped over to O Farrells with a package of cottage cheese,which they liked.It is still not well known here.Tom O Leary next door to them was out on the road. Sean mentioned a third cousin Con[?] O Farrell--71--North Main Street Cork to whom I wrote yesterday. Monday night May and I were at O Farrells 7-9 pm. as she does not get there often and Mrs. O Farrell is going to hospital, and I did not like to rush away.We walked to road- then Kitty Murphy's fiance Gus O Sullivan gave us a helpful rode to Loretto's driveway. Then Loretto [Buckley] and Jack [Sheehy] and I went to Kellehers. best to everyone--John Barrett" [the O Farrell house Kilbarry is about a quarter mile west of the Buckley house Moskeigh in a direct line through the intervening McCarthy farm, but the walk around by the roads is over a mile. Gus O Sullivan came from the west going to John Murphy's farm Moskeigh and was going past Loretto's long driveway and Maurice's house near the road,which became the home of his son Patrick Sheehy and family after Maurice passed away 1973.] EUGENE O RIORDAN Moskeigh - daughter Ella COLLINS - John Barrett note - On my first visit to Ireland July 1971 Loretto Buckley introduced me to her Moskeigh neighbors Eugene O Riordan age ninety and his wife age 87 and their daughter Ella and her husband Michael Collins and the boys Martin, Mihal, Huey, and Sean. Eugene was very knowledgable about old Moskeigh neighbors including the woods ranger Corly Buckley, and a cottage on the hill that belonged to Simon Punch whose daughter married Corley and had a son Simon Buckley who came to Boston by 1855. Eugene's wife was a member of a Murphy clan - I subsequently had a visit in Boston from her nephew Father James Murphy of Columban Fathers many years in Korea , and I got to know Mrs. O Riordan's nieces and nephew from Ballyheedy Ballinhassig Sean and Peg Ring and their married sister Joan Finn. It was Joan Finn who enabled me to solve a puzzle about relations in San Francisco - the Ring's father came from Ballymartle in south Cork between Ballinhassig and Kinsale, and Joan used to exchange letters with her father's brother's wife in San Francisco, Mrs. Johanna Kerrigan Ring, who proved to be a Barrett relative mentioned in letters of Jack Barrett's California aunts. We traced one Barrett relation Mrs. Mary Mathews, who was in San Bruno California in 1974 at 24 PAcific Avenue. Our principal California correspondent was Joan Finn's cousin Mrs. Eva Kimbrough of Berkeley, who wrote this letter in 1973: p 84-#1331 Eva KIMBROUGH Dec 1973 Year: 1973 p42 # 965 - nbk 8-174 Mrs. Eva M Kimbrough 1336 66th St Berkeley California December 18, 1973 Dear Mr Barrett, I had a letter from my cousin Joan today and she was telling me she didn't get to see you this year. She was telling me about the lovely parties you [actually Loretto] gave and the dancing and Irish singing. The people over there really enjoy the Americans as they think we are all quite wealthy over here. I never heard my mother speak of the Collins[es] you mentioned. I DON'T SEE MARY MATHEWS I don't see Mary Mathews, but I always have a Christmas card every year from her. I know she doesn't know much about her mother's people as her mother, Marie, married a German fellow and they were very close so I'm sure that's the reason she hasn't written to you. I haven't seen Marie Mathews in twenty-five years, and she hasn't ever come to see us. I don't think she cares to be among her relatives. Yes, she is the only grandchild of John Ring. The other boy Neil Ring married late in life. The other two Frances and John Ring never married. They have all been dead for quite some time. I never met Kate Kerrigan or the Coleman woman but my mother used to see her when she visited uncle John Ring. I TOO HAVEN'T MUCH NEWS ABOUT THE RELATIVES AS MY MOTHER NEVER TALKED MUCH ABOUT THEM. JOAN and Peggy I think would be the ones that knew the most of them. Have a nice X-mas and New Year Sincerely, Eva M. Kimbrough." Thanks for photos. -- Daniel Buckley andJohn Robert Barrett with group web p 9- photo #69 Year: 1891 At far right Daniel A. Buckley born Moskeigh Cork about l927 gradnfather of Commander Barrett holds blackthorn cane from Ireland, which Jack found at 640 East Seventh Street after Mollie died of cancer October 11, l967. Jack identified his grandfather in this photo next to Jack's father John Robert Barrett l854-l942. Picture is most likely while John Robert Barrett and Jack were living next door to Buckley in-laws - grandparents on Park and Baxter Streets Melrose l889-l894 after Jack's mother died.Other persons in photo are unidentified, though Jack had an idea they might be friends in Stoughton he may have met l890's, He visited relations in Milford with aunt Minnie about l893.The nearer relations passed away, except for the parents of Helen Buckley and the Carlins, who moved from Philadelphia to South Boston, then Milford l896-l898 - then located permanently in Buffalo, New York, where John Barrett junior met Helen Buckley and her cousin and husband Richard and son Bob JAN. 1972 AT 44 BENNETT VILLAGE TERRACE AND THE LARGE CLAN OF CARLIN COUSINS - TEN CHILDren of Helen's older sister- at James Carlin's store in Blasdell with about five of his sisters present. LETTER of MOLLIE BARRETT's second cousin Mary Elizabeth Lynch about Lanes-Lynches not direct Barrett or Buckley O Farrell relations: Dr. Mary Lynch 23 Winborough Street, Mattapan, Massachusetts 02126 December 11, l969.Dear John,-Mollie often spoke of you.She was very fond of you as you no doubt know.Although we did not see her regularly,we always kept in touch and enjoyed her visits very much.I am afraid that I cannot be of any great help to you in searching her family background,but I am happy to give you what little information I have. Mollie's grandmother was my grand-aunt, the sister of my grandfather Lynch.They were two of eleven children born in Kenmare, county Kerry on the ploughlands known as Tulley.Their mother was a Palmer, and her mother a Sullivan-Christian. Of the eleven children of the Lynches -1- Daniel married Mary Gill and inherited the land.-2- Mary married Daniel Gill and remained in Kenmare also (a double wedding).He inherited the adjoining farm.-3-Katherine married James Lane of Kenmare. Some of their children were born there,but others were born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.They moved to Malden and then to Melrose, where they built a house on Grove Street and established a plastering contractor's business.A friend Mrs. Rossiter had preceded them to Malden.Her grandson or great-grandson is Monsignor rossiter of Boston.-4- Denis settled in Portsmouth. He had two daughters.One married John Lambert,whose son John was a journalist in Boston.He represented the Hearst newspapers in Washington for some years and later became publisher of the American.The other daughter married a Duffy.One of his daughters was Agnes.She taught in New York city.-5- Ellen married a a McCarthy in Michigan and later moved to California.-6- Felix went to University of Pennsylvania, married the daughter of a German professor,and moved to Michigan.They had four daughters.-7- James married Sally Foley and remained in Kenmare.Their sons were John and Bartholomew. John came to New York. His only surviving child is Father Dennis Lynch, S.J., of Manila, Philippine Islands. Bart had a big family in Kenmare.-8- Bartholomew came to Portsmouth.One of his grandsons James lives in Pennsylvania. -9- Timothy went to Texas and dropped out of correspondence.-10- John came to Portsmouth, married and had ten children, -11-Thomas settled in Worcester.He had four children.One of his daughters married a Carroll who was police chief in Worcester. One of their daughters is married to Dr. Robert McCarthy, academic dean at Boston State college. Most of the above information came from Mollie's aunt Kate Lane Kernan.She was a voluminous letter writer, possibly because early loss of hearing cut off avenues of communication.She had been a talented pianist- in fact she often accompanied her former school friend, the opera singer Geraldine Farrar. All that went with the hearing. I have no idea of the dates, but I understand there is a large family plot at the cemetery in Portsmouth (N.H.) which should have some dates. Bill Lane of Grove Street, Melrose would know about that, since he has taken an interest in keeping it in repair.I retired a year ago after twenty years as head of Biological Sciences at Boston State.My sister (Helen) who is nine years younger, is a school psychologist in Boston.We travel a great deal in her vacation time. Last summer was spent in East Africa- a fascinating experience.I wonder if you had seen the enclosed clippings about Myles Lane?Shortly before this appointment (as a judge) Governor Rockefeller had made him permanent chairman of the New York crime commission.He and his wife (an artist) spent their vacation last summer in Kenmare.My very best wishes to you and your mother.Of course I met both of you at Mollie's just after you came back to the States (l947). Sincerely, Mary Lynch."Sophie Barrett note-telephone Augusat l970. John thinks that Mary and Helen Lynch are daughters of a man who was born in Ireland and came over to Melrose. Check further.) In the 1970's they moved to Hatters Hill Road, Medfield. Kate Kernan appears next to her sister Mrs. Mary Lane Barrett in photo at 640 East Seventh Street back yard l932 or l933 with Mr. Barrett, Mollie and Kate Barrett, and John Lambert.
Year: 2001