Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


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{I} Grainger 85-1337 I-R-E-L-A-N-D {I} Year: 1972 Quarry Murphys were from Rathcullen B8:73 Mary Buckley born about 1810 married Protestant William Granger and had 12 or 13 children. First son William 1835-1913 was born at Curraclogh, Kilmurry, and his recent tombstone in Irish is at Kilmurry churchyard. Eldest daughter Catherine born about 1836 resided in Milford, Mass in 1858 and married James Lenihan of neighboring Hopkinton. Large family included Brigadier General Michael Lenihan born Hopkinton 1865. Gerard and francis Sweeney of Milford are descended from Catherine Granger through their mother.The elder William Granger and his wife Mary Buckley moved from Curraclogh to Lackareigh, Kilmichael, where most of their large family were born.There is a strong tradition that the Graingers were closely related to the Moskeigh Buckleys. Loretto's father Pat and his brother Michael and their sister Mrs. Kate O Mahony [at]The Lake, Castle Lack all spoke repeatedly of the close relation. I believe Mrs. Mary Buckley Granger was a sister of my great great grandfather John Buckley of Moskeigh and of his brother Cornelius.If the names of her second son and daughter can be learned, they may provide clues as to the baptismal names of her parents. One of her daughters, Mary, married Steven Buckley of Grandbeg. the [74] Grandbeg Buckleys are related to Mrs. Hallahan of Moskeigh and to Mrs. Margaret O Sullivan through their common grandmother, a Grandbeg Buckley who became Mrs. O Sullivan. There is no proof of relationship between the original Grandbeg Buckleys and the Moskeigh Buckleys.However, a large group of descendants of Steven Buckley, senior, are related to the Moskeigh Buckleys through their mother Mary Granger and her mother Mary Buckley of Lackareigh.Steven Buckley,junior, has four daughters, Mrs. Neville,Mrs. Leary, and two Mrs. Barrys married to brothers. Steven Buckley, junior had two brothers in Australia, two sisters who were nuns, and perhaps one more sibling.Mary Buckley has two grandchildren in St. Mary's home Montenotte Cork City[1972]. Miss Sarah Grainger is eighty-six years and grew up near Lackareigh. Her grandmother was a Murphy Derbh [pronounced 'Deriv'] related to ninety-eight-year-old John Murphy of the Whiteboys whose funeral Sarah attended in 1896.Sarah's late brother Michael was the father of Dr. Dermot Grainger now in practice at Cloughduv and his sister Miss Sheila Grainger of Kilbarry Road, Dunmanway. we were [75] assisted in our research by Mr. Richard Halloran, now of Ballincollig.His mother was a sister of Sarah Grainger.He has two brothers in England who are friendly with the Ilford Buckleys. Two more brothers are in Dublin and one in Cork.Richard Halloran himself often heard Mrs. Kate O Mahony Castle na Lact speak of the close Buckley-Grainger connection.He formerly lived east of Crookstown and went to school with Loretto {Buckley] and Jack [Sheehy].He is a carpenter, and his wife has two sons and three daughters.Hr referred us to his cousin Jerry Kelliher of Knockavadra,Aherla, whose mother was another sister of Sarah Grainger.Mr. Kelliher lives with his sisters Julia Kelliher and Mrs. Norah Leary.Another sister Mrs. Cotter lives elsewhere with four children. Mrs. Norah Leary was the first person to state positively that her great-grandmother was Mary Buckley.She gave accurate information about her own grandfather William Grainger and his sister Catherine, who became Mrs. James Leniham in USA and was the mother of Brigadier General Michael Lenihan.She states that the Lenihans came from Mallow in northern County Cork.The Massachusetts records show James Lenihan and his wife both twenty-two years old in 1858.He was a bootmaker. His parents were Pat and Ellen [76]Some of Mary Buckley Grainger's younger children went to San Francisco. Her sons included Henry and Edward - names said to have originated in the Protestant Granger family of Inchegeela in West Cork. This 'Ned' Grainger moved east to the Ballinhassig-Knockavilla region.He had a daughter Margaret. Another daughter was originally Catherine, but when she joined the Presentation order, her name in religion was Sister Margaret Mary Grainger.For many years she was at the same convent in South Dakota with Loretto's aunt, Ellen Mary Buckley.They were second cousins.Years ago Mary Ellen O Mahony Castle-na-Lact visited them in USA. They returned to Ireland in 1932 for the Eucharistic Congress in Dublin, at which time Ellen Mary Buckley was home in Cork for a week, and Loretto saw her.It is because of these two nuns that the Moskeigh Buckleys often heard about Grainger relations.Loretto also remembers that during World War I her grandfather Michael Buckley was proud of a photograph of U.S. Brigadier General Michael Lenihan -second cousin of John's grandmother.The third and youngest of Ned Grainger's daughters is Mrs. Nan Grainger O Mahony who had a career as a nurse after leaving a convent in France where she was dissatisfied with manual chores and grasping financial practices. She was giving a pound to her father when it was snatched away by an exceptionally tyrannical senior nun, and she soon left the Order. She knew a Mrs. Mary Meskill and Mrs. Lena O Brien in Ballinhassig, whose maiden name was Buckley. It is thought they were second cousins of Loretto's father. and that their mother was a Scartnamuck Sullivan related to Mrs. Dan O Halloran.. I think Nan had three brothers one perhaps in USA. Another was William with a son Liam who was a lumber dealer in Blackrock south of Cork city. Somewhere on this line is a young Theresa Grainger who married Tom Buckley. Nan pointed out this young couple to Loretto one day at Montenotte, They were leaving as she arrived.Nan's other brother (John?) had an only son John who lived at Grainger's Cross, Ballyheedy. He died of skin cancer aged fifty leaving a widow the former Mary Barrett of Killeady and five young children. She is related to Sean O Farrell through her eighty-eight year old mother and the large Hurley clan. She told us in 1971 about her husband's aunt Mrs. Nan Grainger O Mahony in Montenotte, and Loretto called there in September 1971,and has become very friendly with Nan because of the long association of Loretto's aunt with Nan's sister in South Dakota. There is a property in northern Moskeigh and the adjoining part of Scariff [78] which was owned in 1833 by Simon Punch.At some date it came into the possession of Loretto's grandfather Michael Buckley who moved there about 1910 building a cottage for himself and his unmarried daughter Mary.He relinquished the main farm to Loretto's father.Then he relinquished the [north] property to Loretto's uncle Michael,whose youngest son Leslie was born at the hill farm 1914 or 1915.The property was sold by the Buckleys by 1920. The [north] cottage is owned by the Lynches and the [north]farm by Con Brady.The oldest neighbors there are Jim Hallahan (81) Paddy Horgan (87?) Mrs. Lynch (95) and Eugene O Riordan.They say no one was living there in 1890, and Michael Buckley built the present Lynch cottage. Some stones from the long-abandoned Simon Punch cottage were used in building Eugene O Riordan's house [near main road in Moskeigh].Newcestown parish records show a Cornelius Buckley married to Johanna Punch. They had a daughter Julia in 1835. I believe this Cornelius Buckley was a brother of my great great grandfather John Buckley of Moskeigh. I think his wife was a daughter of Simon Punch, and they had a son Simon [Buckley] born betwen 1832 and 1835. He came to Boston by 1855 and appears [at Boston Wharf at north end of A Street South Boston in 1855 Massachusetts State Census] in the same house with my great grandfather Daniel Buckley in the State Census of 1855. They would be first cousins.There was a Jerry Buckley older than Simon and a Dennis younger at the same house perhaps brothers of Simon.Dan and Simon appear together in the Boston City Directory for the year 1856 only at Boston Wharf, which runs [ran] north of A Street,South Boston [then at water's edge prior to filling.]
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