Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


{Z} Jack Barrett's mother Catherine Agnes Buckley born South Boston l857 or l858 deceased June 8, l889 of unknown causes p 11 #81 WEB PAGE ELEVEN has Four photos from West Roxbury Transcript 1984 article and four photos of Bertha Pollack+ family + Esther
Records indicate Catherine Agnes Buckley was born October 1857 or l858. She married John Robert Barrett April 29, l884, the year her parents moved to Melrose after owning property l878-l884 at 469 East Eighth Street. Earlier her father moved frequently as a teamster. He lived in l855 at Boston Wharf at the north end of A Street, in n area later filled in.The left photo is definitely Jack Barrett's mother. The right picture is probably her but may be her sister Ellen, born l860, died l875. A number of Ellen's books were in the Barrett attic in l969 and showed she lived at #8 Grimes Street in l877 between West Seventh and West Eighth Streets one block from the old St. Augustine School she attended - it was replaced by the present school building l892. The family also lived one year on Clapp Street, now Loring Street. Catherine's parents came to Boston from Templemartin parish in l851 or l852 before the birth of their eldest son JohnBuckley December l852.Immigrant Dan Buckley from Moskeigh townland was the son of JohnBuckley and Catherine Murphy, probably born about 1827. Four brothers are known - Michael and Jerry remained in Cork, while Thomas and John Buckley had families in Milford, Massachusetts, whom Jack Barrett visited l890's but they have died out - the last beingJohn McGrath who died l969.He was active in World War I Veterans affairs Jack's mother's mother was Mary Ann O Farrell l831-l896 from Kilbarry, a neighboring townland one quarter mile west of Moskeigh. Eveidence supports Jack Barrett's account that his grandfather arrived in Boston "with a bride on his arm." Dan Buckley used to pull Jack to school on a sled near Spot Pond,Melrose in the first grade l894. Mary Ann O Farrell Buckley encouraged him to study and use her piano in Melrose.Her l896 will is in the Middlesex county Courthouse East Cambridge.One of her ancestors Tim Farrell or O Farrell set up a gravestone in l779 in Templemartin churchyard when his daughter Ellen died at age 20. the family in Kilbarry have continued to bury there up until after World War II, although it is only in recent decades that indivudal tombstones have been used in old family plots. A history of Templemartin parish was published in l997. Jack's mother's mother's mother was Ellen O Mahony, who married Dan Farrell of Kilbarry and had daughters Margaret and Mary Ann, who came to Boston in l850s, and a son John whose family remained on the Kilbarry farm. These O Mahonys are said to have resided in Gurranes townland, Templeamrtin parish for hundreds of years and to be d3escended from high king Brian Boru, who at age eighty-eight defeated Danish invaders at Clontarf north of dublin on the Irish Easst Coast.The Kennedys also are descendants of Brian Boru. Other branches of the O Mahonys are at Castlelack and Old Park in the Bandon area. x
Subject: Catherine Agnes Buckley
Year: 1885