Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Right photo dated l872 is John Buckley, brother of Jack Barrett's mother l852-l935 #82 p 11 {Z}
Left photo is probably Thomas Buckley born Mokeigh l835 died Milford,Massachusetts 1899.He had eight children - one born at sea l855 according to massachusetts records, but no grandchildren -intestate administration indicated a married daughter was the last survivor about 1920.The original photo is in album found l969 at 640 EastSeventh Street with printing that indicated photo was made at a Milford studio. There is a possibility this photo could be Tom's brother John, who came to USA much later and also settled in Milford and had five children -only one grandsonl John McGrath who served in Army World War I was active in Milford American Legion and died november l969 without issue.More important is right photo of John Buckley l582 -l935 - positively identified by Jack Barrett l969- he married Jennie Cain born Warrington near liverpool England and had family of nine - eldest Mrs. frances Driscoll born l887. sons John and Fred, and daughter Frances, Gertrude, Alice Agnes Lavinia, Dorothy. Only Frances Drscoll, John Buckley junior, and Lavinia Kroeger had children.This family were neighbors on Park and Baxter Streets Melrose eearly l890's when Jack Barrett and his widower father boarded with the senior Buckleys and john Buckley's sister minnie and Buckley, who looked after Jack by day.John Robert Barrett ion l892 bought two copies of the memoirs of Civil War General Ben Butler of massachusettts - one for himself and pne for brother-in=-law john Buckley.John Buckley worked as a pattern=-maker at Charlestown navy Yard Boston many years, and his nephew Jack Barrett visited him there l921 while aboard the destroyer TOUCEY.Prior to l993 thefts, the Barrett had a handwritten letter from John Buckley to Jack Barrett, authorizing him to keep books that belonged to Jack's aunt - john Buckley's sister Minnie - Mary Frances Buckley born Dec. 25, l867 died of spinal meningitis March l9l2 Minnie had a leather notebook which listed the address ofher uncle Michael Buckley of Moskeigh, with whom she corresponded around l903=l904 and also of her cousins in Milford. She and Maggie worked at Converse Rubber Company malden, and she look after her father Dan Buckoey who lived until April l9l0 -t o age about 83.John Buckley handwritten letter about the books had some light humorous touches a cponsiderable time after she passed away. Jack Barrett was very devoted to his aunt Minnie and sat at her bedside for two days not knowing if she could hear him with her terminal meningitis - hetalked but she was unable to respond if conscious.She and her sister Maggie and parents look after him froma aged one to age six
Subject: Jack Barrett'suncle John Buckley
Year: 1872JohnBuckley