Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Pollacks p 11-87
Photo #87 Attention Jason Pollack, Teddy Klein and cousins - one of Sam's sisters is iin this photo in Cynwyd. do you recognize which sister this is around 1939? website page Eleven - - Nbk 8 p97 --7 Lindberg Avenue Maynard Mass. June 19, 1973 Dear John, I am sorry that I did not get around to answering your letter sooner; but at the time it arrived in 1971 I was very much involved with writing a history of Maynard and also Treasurer of the Maynard Centennial Committee. Both of these affairs took just about all of the time that was available. = I recently uncovered your letter and decided that I would get on the ball and give you what little information I could gather from my foggy memory. My mother could rattle off the names of all her relatives, but as that was during her younger years naturally I did not pay too close attention. You can bet that when I was working on the history of the town of Maynard that she would have been very helpful as would have been most of my older brothers. Unfortunately we did not have tape recorders in those days. = No doubt if you can get out to see Margaret Coughlin at West Concord she can furnish some of the details you are looking for. = With my brother Frank passing away last month - that now leaves me the last of the Sheridans of this generation. Frank was postmaster at Maynard since 1935 to 1963. He was in the Legislature during the terms of Governor Ely and Governor Curley. For many years prior to going into the Legislature he was the leader of his own orchestra. I retired in 1963 after thirty-three years in the Department of Correction, most of which time was at Concord. I retired as Deputy Superintendant. So glad to be out of the business now. I have one daughter and five grandchildren. Margaret Coughlin was postmaster at West Concord from 1935 to 1962. Hope you can use what little information I have provided. Best of luck with your project. Sincerely, Ralph L. Sheridan. I am a direct descendant of Mrs. Margaret Coughlin being the second youngest of James and Katherine (Kate Coughlin) Sheridan. I am now the only remaining child, as my brother Frank passed away on May 23, 1973. He would have been eighty years old on July 21st. = My grandmother, Margaret Coughlin, was living with us in Maynard at the time of her death in 1908. My grandfather, John Coughlin, died in 1902. My memory of him is rather small because I saw him but a few times, and while my grandmother spent her last few months at our house in Maynard, my recollection of her is limited as she was bedridden during that time, so we young children did not see much of her. =My mother had a sister Margaret who married John Fitzpatrick of Concord,- a brother John, who married Mary Waldron of Concord,a brother William who married Annie Whelan of Worcester, and a sister Abbie unmarried. = My recollection of the Mehegans is quite limited. I have heard my mother speak of living when small with the Mehegans and attending the Gate of Heaven Church. I can vaguely recall Robert, the printer, and Charles, both of whom I believe were nephews of my grandmother, coming to our house to visit her near the end. Another instance I recall is that the wife of one of them, - I believe it was Charles- was quite a swimmer, and became exhausted while swimming off City Point and died as a result. I think they had three children, Charles, May, and Grace [two more born later Leonora 1901 and Eileen 1904]. Mary lived at our house for a few months after the mother died [late 1910]. Charles visited a few times, and I think Grace came out with someone to bring May home. This Charles visited quite regularly at William Coughlin's in Acton Center. William was my mother's brother. I saw him once about the time of World War but have lost track of him since.I do not recall seeing May or Grace again, but my sister Eleanor who died in 1963 corresponded regularly with one of them, who was known as Sister Mary Peter, St. Michael's Convent,Red Lion and Knights Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My youungest brother Robert, who died in 1965, worked in Washington DC from 1935 to his retirement in 1965 -corresponded with her and visited with her in Philadelphia several years ago. = William Mehegan of West Concord was a regular vistor at our house. He married a Mary O'Neil of Acton. They had one daughter Nellie and one son Edward. Nellie had no children. Edward had one son. All are deceased. I do not know how William fits into the picture, except that he was a cousin of my mother. = I never heard the name of Ellen (Catherine?) Daley mentioned or any relatives by that name. = As for my immediate family James Sheridan senior died in 1937 aged 85. Katherine Coughlin Sheridan died in 1940 age 81. Edward - 1952 -77. James jr. 1952 - 72. John 1960- 82. Joseph 1958 - 76. Thomas 1885 six months. Eleanor 1963-75. Alfred 1894 - four years. Frank 1973 -79. Harold 1962 - 66. Ralph will be 75 on August 6 of this year (1973). Robert 1965 - 65. = John Fitzpatrick and Margaret [Coughlin] had four children -two now living- John Coughlin and Mary had six children - four now living. William Coughlin and Annie had six children - five now living. Abbie Coughlin of course was unmarried. Margaret Coughlin of West Concord and her brother William of Littleton might be able to provide some of the information you seek. They are both older than I, and having lived close to the old homestead, which is still standing, at Acton Center for many years would see more of the visiting relatives. - Ralph Sheridan."
Subject: Pollacks
Year: 1939