Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Esther Meranski born Novmber l9, l894 eldest sister of Sophie Ruth Meranski Barrett p11-84
photo visiting Sophie and Jack Barrett excursion to Nantrasket beach l933. Esther learned book keeping and stenography at a commercial school in Hartford,worked at H. L. Handy company and Swift and Company She bought family piano and telephone and helped finance eduation for Sophie at Mount Holyoke and youngest brother Pete at Trinity College l925 and University of Maryland medical school l929. She dated Charles Bardous many years although he father David Meranski would not allow a Gentile to come to their home. Her friends included Charles Rosenblatt, Julius and Mollie Aronson. She and Sophie were fond of Maple Walnut candies.She survived an abdominal cancer operation in l938, and her nephew Dr. David Geetter removed a large benign brain tumor about l974, which was causing Parkinson-'s- like tremor symptoms.On returning east from Hawaii and western trip August l947, Sophie stopped first to see Esther at Swift and company, then went to see Babe Geetter and family at their new home 92 Fern St. - possibly needed directions. Esther lived f in l930's with her brother Abe and his wife Ethyl on Hawkins St. Hartford. She attended the weddings of David and Joan Geetter Brooklyn l958 and Thalia Geetter and Michael Price Hartford June 10,l961 and the fiftieth wedding anniversary of her sister Bertha and Sam Pollacks Hallandale Florida June 24,l974. She was very happy in Hartford Jewish Home Tower Avenue until she passed away from metastatic breast cancer aged 86 years ten months. Oct l981. When Esther was working she often bought treats for the younger children, including candy. She and Sophie were especially fond of maple-walnut flavored chocolates.
Subject: Esther Meranski
Year: 1933