Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Eileen and Annie Mehegan, Nell Craig,and Hannah Alberts Mehegan and her sister p 13-104 }C3{
Back row, Nell Craig, Annie Mehegan, Eileen Mehegan (later Mrs. Oscar Hanson l920-l988 of Denver - front right Eileen's grandmother Hannah Alberts Mehegan about 1860-l940 on Hyde Park Avenue Roslindale in later years widow of "the printer" at Boston Herald Robert Joseph Mehegan senior (who wrote Barrett family history & passed away May 1925). At front left is Hannah's sister. Hannah was Annie Mehegan's mother, Eileen's grandmother. #104 p 13 106 From Elvira Mehegan, wife of Jack's second cousin,Robert Mehegan,junior, of Denver, Colorado, came a letter written September 6, l970,"Dear Sophie and John junior, I am answering both of your letters together and hope I don't get things too much mixed up. I shall send my Paul his pictures and the address of Robert F. Fahrbach (junior) in California. Also send Edmund pictures.I talked to Edmund and his wife last night about Darlene's health. He said the orthosurgeon told her her improvement after the brain operation was remarkable. We are all so thankful. Edmund was very much interested in this family history. If any of you people go there or out here, we shall be so glad to meet you.I have no idea of locating any of the Richard Sullivans here.I looked in the Denver telephone book. there are four columns of Sullivans. You mentioned Helen B. Craig. That would be Nellie Craig.She is the only one of the Mehegan relatives I met. She used to visit us as well as Rob's father.When I knew her she lived in South Boston. I never heard her mention any brothers or sisters.When I went to Boston in l920, the Mehegans lived on Brown Avenue, Roslindale, but I remember them speaking of Cambridge and Mozart Street (Jamaica Plain).I think my husband was born in Cambridge (l887). I heard him speak of Sister Mary Joseph, whom he visited when he went to California.Robert senior was a printer on the Boston Herald all the time I knew him. Johanna his wife talked more about the family than he did. In fact I got to know several of her relatives while Nellie Craig was the only one on his side. I wish I could be of more help to you about the Mehegans. You asked about me in Wyoming. I was born in Evanston - 1894-went to Boston in l920. After Bob died in l933,I went back to Evanston. I tried to get a teaching job in Boston but was told no superintendant would hire me trained in a western college. I learned there was an opening in Evanston- so sold some things, packed others and took my four children aged two to twelve years back to the West. You asked about the railroad. It was very important. Engines were all coal burning and the main means of both transportation and freight. Now there is just one passenger train a day east and west going across the state. I remember my father had a horse and buggy for short trips. My ancestors the LaRivieres settled in Canada from France at the time of the French Revolution (relatives of Lafayette's mother).I am almost ashamed to send this "hodgepodge" to you. I have written things as I think of them.It is easier for me to forget than to remember.I shall mail the other pictures you sent soon. Best wishes from all the Mehegans. P.S. I just thought of something else.When in Evanston Robert junior's work was Civil Service clerk in the Land Office.When he went back to Boston he was rejected by the Draft for World War I because he was too thin. So he was a Civil Service clerk at the Army Base, South Boston until three weeks before he died of a brain tumor. - Elvira Mehegan." Robert Mehegan junior visited San Francisco September 1911 and saw Sister Mary Joseph. The Robert Mehegan junior family -l- Eileen: Her husband is Oscar O Hansen (he uses only initials). He is a druggist, a graduate of Colorado University at Boulder. He was in the Navy in World War II. Their address is 5560 East Dickenson Place Denver Colorado 80222.Their phone is 756-6l52. I include this because their phone is unlisted.(in l933 Eileen was thirteen years) Their children: -a- David Hansen age 23. He is in his last quarter of college and is married. His wife had a,baby girl Laurie Ann Hanson on August 26, l970. -b- Barbara Hanson age eighteen She is in college now. -c- Sue Hanson age twelve, in the eighth grade. --2-John Mehegan (John R. Mehegan in l933 was twelve years old.)He is a graduate of Colorado University at Boulder in chemical engineering.He was in the Coast Guard in World War II located in the Pacific Ocean area. He works for Martin Marietta Company in Denver.They make space vehicles for the government.His address is 445 South 42nd Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302.His children are: -a- Mark Mehegan age nineteen years -b- John Mehegan called Jack seventeen years -c- James Mehegan called Jim eleven years -d- Jane Elizabeth Mehegan called Mitzie age six years.--3- Edmund J. Mehegan (In l933 he was five years) He is a graduate of Chicago Art Institute and works for Rand McNally Company.His address is 1637 Illinois Street, Des Plaines, Illinois 60018. Edmund had four years service in the Navy ending with the Korean War, but no active duty. His wife had a serious brain operation in June of this year.She seems to be making very good progress. Their children are: -a- Estelle Mehegan fifteen years old -b- Matthew Mehegan twelve years old - Martha Mehegan six years old.--4- Paul F. Mehegan He is a graduate of Notre Dame University Indiana with a degree in aeronautical Engineering.He works for Rocket Dyne Company, a branch of North American Aviation Company.They make engines for government missles. His address is 6621 Berquist Avenue, Canoga Park, California 9l304. (In l933 he was three years.)His family: -a- Teresa Mehegan age twelve years -b- Maria Mehegan age eight years - c-Lisa Mehegan age six years -d-Paula Mehegan age four years -e- Robert Mehegan age two years - f-David Mehegan born late in l97l. Many thanks for the pictures you sent. I have mine and have given Eileen hers.When Annie Mehegan was ill, Eileen went to Arlington,Massachusetts. After Annie's death Eileen had to clear her apartment.She found a picture of Robert senior. On the back was written that it was taken when he was twenty-three years old. She did not find anything to indicate that the woman (in a picture) was Kate Mehegan.Her features resemble other Mehegans, though- Elvira Mehegan." Oc 10, 1970 Since I sent you the postcard dated 1915,I found information in an old suitcase of my Bob's: it is an account of his trip to California. It is dated October 11, 1911 to October 22.He mentioned a Public Lands convention held in Denver which he attended. He reported for work in the Land Office September 27, 1911. He mentioned receiving a letter from sister Mary Joseph 2043 Polk street, San Francisco- also Miss Kate Barrett was writing to her nephew who was in U.S. Cutter Service. October twelfth Bob heard from him from New London, Connecticut.(I assume that was your husband and father).One thing mentioned that does not apply to the family but was of interest to me- In --3-- Evanston Bob paid one dollar a day for room and board in a private family.Bob's trip to San Francisco- He left Evanston September 5, 1911 on the Overland, Limited, a coal-burning engine that gave off cinders. At Ogden,Utah,an oil-burning engine was substituted.Great Salt Lake was crossed over a man-made cut-off (a big project of fill-in rock).When the train reached Oakland, all had to transfer to ferry to cross the bay to San Francisco.He visited many places in San Francisco, then on Sept ninth went to visit relatives at 2043 Polk Street. --4--There he met the Hessions, Barretts, and other relatives.Mrs. Hession's home was near Market Street.Miss "Auntie" Barrett and Kate Barrett lived with her.The big San Francisco 1906 fire destroyed her property, which had to be rebuilt.Kate Barrett was Robert [ Mehegan] Senior's first cousin, [and "Auntie" was the aunt of them both].Besides these three women, he learned about sister Mary Joseph,the Kerrigans,Colemans, Murphys,Fahrbachs, and Rings.Miss Kate Kerrigan was the only other one he met.He had eight meetings with these people.They told him of the western relations, and he told them of those in the East.They treated him --5-- very well.While Mrs. Hession was elderly and wrinkled, she was very active physically and mentally.She helped her relatives and started {her son-in-law] Mr. Fahrbach in business. Mr. Hession was a highly educated man, a civil engineer and surveyor.The Hessions had three children Robert, John, and [Elizabeth]Mrs. Fahrbach. Robert married but John did not.Both died within six months of each other.John was a letter carrier. Mrs. Fahrbach died about 1910 [1907].The next person mentioned is Kate Barrett, Robert Senior's first cousin. She was active as a suffragette.She spent much time in helping her older relations.These ladies and Bob went--6--to Berkeley to visit Sister Mary Joseph (September thirteenth).They discussed the eastern relatives. She was very active.There was a discussion of the Kerrigans, Colemans, and Murphys. Bob's last visit at 2043 Polk Street was September tenth. Kate Kerrigan (unmarried) was {one of two} living daughters of bob's granmother's oldest sister. [Mary Barrett,Mrs. Ring in Ballymartle, Cork].Both Mr. and Mrs. Murphy were dead at this time,- two grown sons survived. They had not kept close to Mrs. Hession.On September 20 Bob took a steamer for Los Angeles. At that time Mrs. Johanna Hession, Kate Kerrigan, the two Murphy boys and Miss Coleman --7--were the only remaining relatives
Subject: Mehegan-Alberts.Craig family group .l930's
Year: 1938