Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Bullfight Lisbon Portugal July l909 Revenue Cutter School ITASCA cruise #114 p 15
The Revenue Cutter School cadets on training ship ITASCA attended Portuguese bullfights in Lisbon, in which the bull was not killed as in Spain.(9) Kings still reigned in Portugal and Greece, who were overthrown in l9l0. Captain J. E. Reinburg was head of the school and commanded ITASCA, The cruise began May 22, l909 at the school at Arundel Cove Baltimore and proceeded from there to Newport News Virginia, Azores, Lisbon, Gibraltar-Tangier, Valencia -Spain, Villefranche, Genoa, Naples, Bari, Venice, Trieste, Corinth canal, Athens-Phalerum, Malta, Azones, then September Hudson-Fulton week celebration New York city-Tompkinsville- West Point.Reinburg's son-in-law Vice Admiral Joseph Stika, United States Coast Guard retired contributed reminiscences in l970's from Fort Worth Texas and Norfolk Virginia.
Subject: l909 bullfight lisbon Portugal
Year: 1909