Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Jack Barrett at left {J}
Toucey or MARBLEHEAD? p 16-122 Sophie Black Notebook Two p 200 When Geetter was a student a Jefferson Medical School [1925-1929] he was in class one day when an obnoxious professor talked at length about his accomplishments in his field - when Geetter suddenly was horrified to hear his own voice saying "You cockeyed wonder!" - followed by an ominous silence in which the professor glared at him and during which Geetter quaked in his boots with apprehension. For the rest of that semester Geetter was in the professor's dog house and altho he passed the course, he had an awful time because the professor gave him such difficult slides to diagnose under his microscope. He had to spend many hours puzzling over those slides - hours which might more profitably have been spent on his other medical subjects. But he was relieved to pass the course and be able to complete his medical subjects for his degree. -= When Geetter was in his second year at Jefferson, he invited me to see his small room on the top floor of his fraternity house.I was then working at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic. I told him I was being courted by a senior medical student at Hahneman Medical School, and he immediately disappointed me- saying the school was not accredited as were Jefferson Medical School and the medical school at University of Maryland. He must have alarmed my sister Babe, his fiancee, because she wrote successfully urging me to drop him. A few years later when my Hahneman friend was some sort of doctor in Oregon, he wrote asking me to marry him. I asked Jack Barrett's advioe. [1928 or early 1929]. After reading the letter he said "no" - "that man is too selfish just looking for someone to answer his phone and cook his meals." Hahneman was homeopathic - Carl Knitter died of a brain tumor not long after.
Subject: Lt. Jack Barrett
Year: 1921-l925?