Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Sophie and Jack center with friends from President PIERCEl932 #127 p 16 {S} {J}
Mrs. Harry Pardee of Saticoy,Ventura county California is probably at photo left. Sophie recounts how the Pardees invited the Barretts to the opera in Rome and bought expensive tickets but were sent up to a top balcony. Then Mr. Pardee, who was traveling for his health, was very chillly in Venice February l932 when the heat failed at famous Royal Danielli Hotel, so Jack Barrett helped him purchase long woolen underwear and invited him to come to the Barretts unpretentious "pension" where Mr. Pardee warmed up by sitting on the radiator. The Pardees invited the Barretts to spend a week at their lemon ranch in Saticoy July 1939 before heading to Boston after Jack completed Pacific duty on tanker TRINITY (he met future Admiral Hyman Rickover) then a young engineer at Civite, Philippines] Pardees came down to see Barretts July 1941 at Los Angeles harbor when Barretts were embarking for Honolulu on Matson liner LURLINE.
Subject: Presidence Pierce tourists
Year: 1932