Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Deborah Meranski about l944 on step of father's pediatric office Baltimore P 17 #133
Born l935 deaf, Deborah is Emeritus after thirty years art history at Gallaudet University Washington D.C. Her Ph.d concerned handicapped access in art museums, and she helped develop captioned television for hearing-impaired.She is completing a book on deaf American artists and is a sales respresentative for USANA nutritional products.She lectures on Goya and other deaf artists - Goya did much of his best work after becoming deaf from an infection at age 46 - lived to be over eighty years. Debbie's granmother Rachel Davis Goldberg, her mother Jen Goldberg Meranski, Debbie Meranski Sonnenstrahl, and her daughter Beth Sonnenstrahl Benedict were all born in Baltimore - four generation in Baltimore. Jen's father came from Odessa Ukraine early l900's or l890's for treatment of a foot or leg problem at Johns Hopkins Baltimore.Beth Benedict was the first deaf member of the staff of a United States Senator (Rudy Boschwitz of Minnesota) l982.
Subject: Doborah Meranski - niece of Sophie
Year: 1944