Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


The Gates of Yosemite Valley- June l947 Jack Barrett photo with John. Sophie and Mollie #134 p 17
about June 20, l947 three thousand foot granite El Capitan is at left - it was climbed in l984 by Sophie's grand-nephew Joshua Geetter, professional mountain climbing guide and University ofColorado M.A. in alpine environment ecology. At right Bridal veil falls. Half Dome in center distance.About 108 million years ago El Capitan granite intruded into older rocks.It now dominates the western half of the Valley.El Capitan granite contains phenocrysts - large crystalsembedded in finer material.These are absent from Taftgranite,which intruded later and forms the brow of El Capitan and the upland toward Fireplace Bluffs.Taft granite is finer textured andlighter in color. It also occurs at Dewey Point and near the Fissures on the south wall.Diorite dikes create dark patches on the face of El Capitan.The Bridal Veil granodiorite near the Falls contains fine evenly distributed ligt and dark materials with a salt-and-pepper appearance.Half Dome granodiorite dominates the Valley east ofroyal Arches and Glacier Point.Agest about 87 million years Half Dome granodiorite is the youngest plutonic rock around the Valley medium to coarse grained with biotite plates and dark green horblende rods.
Subject: Yosemite panorama
Year: l947June21