Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Sophie at Peking wearing Manchurian sea otter fur coat p 18-138
From Colonel William W. Paca 680 American Drive, Apartment 42 Annapolis Maryland 21403 June 23, 1970 Dear Mrs. Barrett, I was distressed to learn via your letter of Jack's decease this past August. Please know that you have my sincere sympathy in your bereavement. As for myself, I was graduated from West Point in August, 1917. I was promoted to Captain while in France.After the war and the letdown of demobilization I resigned from the Army. Three years later, and because I badly missed service life I joined the Marine Corps. This was basically because I loved the water and ships, and I had wanted to be in the Navy in the first place but had been unable to obtain a principal appointment to the Naval Academy. = I commanded Camp Catlin, Oahu, from 1944 to 1946. I was then on duty at Headquarters, Marine Corps, and later was Commanding Officer of the Marine Barracks, Naval Base, Philadelphia. = My great, great, great grandfather was William Paca, a Maryland signer of the Declaration of Independence. The main part of the hotel, Carvel Hall, was built on the rear of William Paca's town house. The hotel part has now been torn down, and the mansion and gardens are being restored by the local historical society. = There have been, and are, a rather surprising number of TULSA officers living here. These in addition to myself include Captain Doughty (deceased) , Admiral William T. Fitzgerald, jr., Rear Admiral Wayne R. Loud, Rear Admiral Charles E. Coney, and Colonel Gordon Hall (my predecessor on the TULSA) In addition General Pedro A. Del Valle lives here, and I see him fairly frequently. = Again please forgive my remissions.I do hope this finds things well with you. Sincerely, William W. Paca Colonel United State Marine Corps Retired."#138p 18 CHINAchapter Sophie made two visits to Peking February & November 1931. During the second visit she purchased rugs she had seen being made by hand at Nicholson Rug Factory in Russian Concession Tientsin.Jack took physical exam for promotion to Lieutenant Commander at Peking November 1931.SECOND NOTEBOOK 215 text continued from BLACK Notebook One In June 1931 the TULSA Chef for gunnery practice. missionary deep southern China, that she had been 216 home to Engalnd on leave and was returning via the northern route monger "The lady will have stew" so I went in to see Rach 217 ... 218 who scouted around until he found a rooom for me Wineglass ..could not diagnose or 219 treat the ailment not leprosy. Supan candlelight freighter reached the waters a few miles out 220 of Wei Hai Wai daughter. where Mickey Ashley worked for the 221 Standard oil Co Isem English doctor pomphylyx fur buyers cost to me was very little. 222 [NOTE TULSA at Taku Bar Dec 25 Tangku was a nerby port where we boarded the CHOWAN MARU for Kobe Japan. Only a ten, minute rickshaw ride from Taku Bar to CHOWAN MARU] On Sep 18, 1931 the TULSA was at TAKU BAR in HSHINHO ab 35 miles from Tientsin Early in December 1931 my .. made in Teintsin only a few blocks from the 223 Court Hotel. On Christmas morning left Court Hotel for the last time Rice dinner aboard TULSA with only the duty officer Ben Crosser present. Right after dinner we took rickshas to the dock in Tangku about one half a mile away were we were due to board a Japanese ship the CHOWAN MARU sailing that afternoon PRESIDENT PIERCE at Kobe on Jan 1, 1932,Japanese officer who could speak English 224 appeared, asked us what we were doing there with visits to Osaka and Nara was interesting but uneventful. Ah Sing pongee robe. 225 [The next stop was only a few hours in Hong Kong, where we walked around looking at the native markets.] When I boarded the PIerce AT Kobe JanANUARY 1, 1932, black velvet dress suitable only 226 for cold weather Johore Pardee coffee madame?" baths I had had. 227 {In Naples I saw Vesuvius ruins at Pompeii wrong season to go to Capri] I argued with the clerk performers looked like pygmies [see p. 230] 228 [from 102 --Jane is married. Bertha was the fifth born - a dentist 6. Sophie 229 "7. Israel Peter- about sixty years old [to p. 268] 230 [from 227] We had no opera glasses -woolen underwear Marsala wine. 231 From Venice we went to Vienna Austria where my mother was born.I remember Jack using a few Italian words Austrian Alps grey February day Danube was unattractive But that night we went to the 232 opera in Vienna balcony sandwiches Zenz Munich Science Museum 233 From Munich we took a night train for Paris [boullabaise the onion fish soup Ho^tel de Provence's Restaurant Garderenne at 12 Cours Belsunce a' proximite/ de la Cannelie're, Marseilles] contents wee undamaged.It was a very rough trip -even Jack 234 who aboard ship wanted to be out on deck most of the time, purser for the number of your room, 235, he gave it to me but - Victoria Hotel much too expensive for us. we took many --- 241
Subject: Sophie at Peking
Year: 1931Peking