Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


John's mother at home , 52 Emmonsdale Road, West Roxbury. p ONE photo #2 {S}{R}
One of John's favorite photos of his mother, she reads quietly in front of the family's home in West Roxbury, about 1966. (jim Ullyot caption) Norway maple trees stood in front of house in l947 and grew very large. Yews and arborvitaes kept house remarkably cool in cellar. Paving of street in l963 had adverse consequences. A small stream formerly flowed down from property of Rev. and Mrs. Harold Arnold across street at #55 Emmonsdale on the former Hewins property. we learned that Carolyne Hewins, who grew up there, became the Hartford, Connecticut children's librarianan, whom Sophie and the Meranskis knew from l890's to l926. She wrote a memoir "A Mid-Century Child and Her Books." Her family conrresp[onded with the Britissh novelists, the Bronte's sisters and helped them get American Books.Mrs. Arnold became an authority on the Brontes and a member of the Bronte society.
Subject: mother boston west roxbury reading
Year: 1966