Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Sisters Rebekah Meranski Geetter and Sophie Meranski Barrett Thanksgiving l984 at home of Dr. David and Joan Geetter l65 Terry Rd. Hartford, photo by Dr. David Geetter PAGE ONE photo #3
Thanksgiving dinner l984 Sophie Meranski Barrett with her sister Rebekah Geetter family gathering at home of Dr. David and Joan Geetter 165 Terry Rd., Hartford Connecticut photo by Dr. David Geetter.Sophie had attended the June l958 wedding of David Geetter and Joan Trouboff in Brooklyn after David's graduation from Jefferson Medical School.Sophie and family also attended David's l955 graduation at Trinity College, Hartford,where his father, uncle Pete Meranski, and his brothers Albert and Harold were also graduates.On this l984occasion Sophie saw her sister Babe's five children David, Albert, Thalia Price, Harold, and Suzy Geetter and Babe's eleven grandchildren- Darya Erica, Joshua Adam,Thora, Jennifer, Lauren Geetter, Eric, Jessica and Hilary Price,and very young Sarah Kashdan.Also present were Mrs. Trouboff senior- mother of Joan Geetter, Millie Geetter, Ava Geetter, Norman Kashdan,and John Barrett, jr. Joshua Geetter showed slides of rock climbing on three-thousand-foot granite El Capitan in Yosemite Valley - he took a five year master's program U. Colorado Boulder on mountain environment ecology and later conducted recreational mountaineering for Berkeley Ca university students.{S}{F}{R}
Subject: Rebekah Geetter and Sophie Barrettie
Year: 1984