Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Jack BARRETT rowing Revenue CutterSchool.Handball was another enthusiasm.WEB PAGE TWENTY 153 Jack rowing 1909 157 Sophie reading outdoors West Roxbury 1966 # 159 Bill Barrett, Virginia + Billy age seven weeks 1939
Jack Barrett was a rowing enthusiast from South Boston days along with neighbor Joe Buckley. in the Harbor. He continued as here at Revenue Cutter School and during Navy years. #153 p 20 TEMPORARY -715 Hillcrest Road,Ridgewood NJ 07450November 4, 1970 Dear Sophie,Harold Fultz has just left after having tea with me.This brought back old memories and thought I owed you a letter.=I hope you and John are well + trust you had a good summer. =Harold is far from well.He breathes so heavily and while here he spent fifteen minutes inhaling smething to help him.Charlotte went to Germany for two weeks to see their son, who is with the Army. Harold lost his sister Helen in August, so he is the last of the original family. =Yes, you are right, Maimie was in the Jap camp, starved and sick with malaria etc, but she was never beaten.Some Americans were.Topsy came to the camp and called, "Miss Ashley, Miss Ashley," but Maimie's friends advised her not to answer because the Jsps would ill-treat all Chinese who favored Americans, etc. Maimie heard her but never saw her again.+We lost ever so many valuables, and our Chinese money went to nothing overnight.When I came to the U.S. in December 1939, I had to start all over again. Our lovely house went for U. S. seven thousand dollars, and we were lucky to get it.= The MARBLEHEAD was anchored at the Standard Oil wharf when the dance was held.We could see the Robertsons' house from her decks. Both Robertsons have died, and their children are in England.= I am coming along trying to do everything slowly. The doctor has ordered me to walk, and I try to do so every day- marching up and down our back yard like an officer on the bridge. = I have ben fortunate to be able to go away in 1970.In March I was in Florida visiting a friend. In June a friend drove me to Cape May, New Jersey,and in October I went with a group from our Women's club (one hundred on chartered planes) with husbands to Bermuda. Itwas a lovely trip. We had good weather, and we enjoyed a very fine hotel with excellent food. They gave us a special party.The ladies evening dresses were beautiful, and the men appeared in colored dinner jackets- gold, green,scarlet, light blue, etc.It certainly was gay. the plane provided free drinks, but all I had was a double orange juice! =Our family is fine.The eldest grandchild is eight, and the youngest - four- is now in nursery school. = My brother keeps pretty well, and he and Dorothy made two visits to Rochester, New York, to see the elder daughter and her two boys. Bob was a Marine Captain but is now with Kodak. At Christmas they go to Dallas, Texas to see Virginia and her two girls. Her husband is an accountant with the government and doing well. = Our little house looks very nice. It has just been painted outside. Inside we [103] Notebook 5 p 99 March 27, 1913 Letter from JBB in Washington to his father. No return address in Wshington given either on envelope or in letter. From Washington D.C. to 640 East 7th Street Dear Pa, Was glad to hear from you and will do anything I canfor young Doherty.As I understand it, he has my address and will drop around some time after he comes back to Washington.= I celebrated Easter by going to 7:00 mass and then walking from Washington to Baltimore, around 43 miles. Left the Congressional Library at 8:30 AM and stopped at 6:00 PM. Wasted half an hour on a side trip walking around Laurel (a place about half way over), so I really made the "hike" in about nine hours.=Was vaccinated a couple of weeks ago, but the doctor said that it would not be likely to take as I was probably immune. There isn't a sign of it now altho some folks have very sore arms.= Am commencing to get on my feet now and will commence sending some coin to start paying up on that suit and coat soon. Put twenty in the American Security and Trust last month because I didn't want to have it with me but wasn't quite sure that I might not need it for somethng before the month was out. = It's the safest bank and pays 2% By putting it in there, it is handy if I need it in a hurry, and yet I won't use it unless I actually do need it. Then having a start made, it's lots easier to keep it up. Counting the $25 paid on the endowment policy, that $45 in two months and a half altho I am afraid I can't do as well all the time.= Have had several short, sharp rain squalls here today,- guess it's a little taste of what they've had in the Middle West. = Will do anything I can for Doherty. Suppose he'll look me up but if he doesn't, I'll write him c/o Georgetown University and meet him that way. With best wishes to all. As ever, Jack
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Year: 1910Jack