Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


The "old Buick" in Panama #156 p 20
Bill Barrett used this Buick in New York and in driving to Boston for his wife Catherine's cancer treatment at Boston City Hospital. After she passed away l931 and Bill broke up his New York home, he gave the "old Buick" to Jack Barrett on his return to Boston l932 from China. Jack took Sophie and Mollie on many drives to Portsmouth New Hampshire, aften crossing the Parker River near Newburyport, Massachusetts. One time they drove to Bar Harbor, Maine, and on the return, an eccentric hitch-hiker kept asking, "Do you think we'll get to Portland tonight?" This became a standing family joke for many years. Jack shipped the Buick to the Panama Canal Zone, where this picture was taken in l934. Sophie took auto driving lessons and obtained a Panma driver's license in l934, renewed l935, but disliked driving on the narrow roads (*left side as in England) and she soon discontinued driving and lived to age eighty-five. Her swimming lessons went better, and she visited Waikiki Beach nearly every day l941 to l947.In l937 the Barretts bought a new Lincoln Zephyr in Philadelphia, which they used in New york l939-l941, Hawaii l941-l947 and Boston l947-l954.
Subject: The Old Buick in Panama
Year: 1934