Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


John's father resting on hike, Honolulu - Kailua, June 1925 #161 p 21 M-A-R-B-L-E-H-E-A-D
Jack hiked over the Nuuanu Pali with Lieutenant Edward Arroyo, a recent Annapolis Naval Academy graduate from Louisiana who was at Pearl Harbor again l941-l942 with his wife Lillian and daughter Mary. He was involved in the intense secret preparations for the Battle of Midway June 4-5, l942. his wife went shopping with Sophie Barrett when very little was available in Honolulu after the Pearl Harbor attack, but Sophie found two rocking chairs suitable for use outdoors and three Phillippine teakwood bookcases the Barretts used for fifty years.The Arroyos left Hawaii in l942, butthe Barretts located Eddie Arroyo in l969 and he sent several letters with recollection of MARBLEHEAD days l924-l927 and Hawaii l941-l942.His wife had passed away and his daughter Mary was in religious life in Louisiana.He knew Phil Dahlquist and many of our friends. At this time the Nuuanu Pali was the only short route to Kailua and windward Oahu, as the coastal Prince Kalanianaole Highway and Kalihi tunnel were not developed. Eddie Arroyo wrote " 7608 St. Charles Avenue, Apartment 'E', New Orleans, Louisiana 70118 -23 April 1970, Dear John- Mrs. Arroyo: she passed away years ago in May of 1951. My daughter Mary, 35, is working at a local hospital after doing a strech in the Cenacle order of nuns while my son, Edward B. Arroyo, junior,is in the Jesuit order completing studies for his doctorate at Duke University in North Carolina.I have read your letters with much interest, especially information about your father.Another shipmate of ours on the MARBLEHEAD was Paul Coloney USN retired, who resides in Bradenton, Florida.Should you have a Navy Register of Retired Officers, you may find his address therein.He was a good friend of mine, but I being a poor correspondent,- I've lost track of him. Glad you heard from Admiral Sharp, for whom I had great admiration and respect.You mentioned the CLAXTON in your letter. I served as her engineer 1931-1932 and as her 'Exec'from 1932 to 1934. I recall her being turned over to the British in 1939 [1940? in exchange] for our use of some of the British bases in the Atlantic. I did not know captain Fred Holmes. In your of 29 March you mention Ralph Earle and Dan Candler, both classmates of mine whom I know quite well.Earle is living in Durham, North Carolina, while Candler was residing in Dallas, Texas.Since retiring in 1946 I have been teaching at high school and college level, except for a couple of years I was in engineering work in New Orleans. Last years I was retired for good because of my age - sixty-nine, so I've ben living a very easy life, playing golf - birdge occasionally and meeting with friends here in New Orleans.Last summer I made a delightful cruise on a Holland American liner to North Africa, the Mediterranean, and western Europe and incidentally revisited some of the ports the MARBLEHEAD had visited on her shakedown cruise in 1924-1925.I hope you will continue your writing projects, and I should think you could write a very interesting book about your father.My regards to your mother, and should you pass this way, - give me a ring- I would be glad to see you. Sincerely, Edward B. Arroyo --P.S. An interesting note about Captain Coloney. He put the MARBLEHEAD in commission in 1924 and he was her last commanding officer when she was sent to the graveyard after World War II."
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