Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Roxbury Latin TRIPOD magazine staff l952-l953 p 24-775
John Barrett junior was Editor of Roxbury Latin School TRIPOD magazine l952-l953 after several years as Assistant Editor, and previously on business staff.Previous editors included cardiologist Dr. Paul Dudley White 1903, political writer Richard Barnet l948, George Stebbins l949, LIFE photographer- war correspondent Lee Lockwood l950, James Duane l951, and numismatist-archaeologist R. Ross Holloway l952. In l954 the editor was Jared M. Diamond, now professor of membrane Physiology UCLA, ornithologist, evolutionary theorist and conservation biologist. The l955 editor was John M. Gross, recently a New York lawyer who participated in Gilbert and Sullivan theatricals at Camp Kabeyun, Alton Bay, New Hampshire l952-;l955. The TRIPOD featured a mix of literary efforts and school news.Viewers may click on photo to read names of staff, which are legible in detailed view. They include Dr. Peter Banks, Dr. Jared Diamond, Judge Gordon Martin, linguist David Spectre Arnold,lawyers Steven rivkin and Maurice Ford, and the late Robert Goldberg, who had major dramatic roles in school productions and spent a year in Israel l953-l954
Subject: Roxbury Latin TRIPOD staff
Year: 1953TRIPOD