Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


1952 photo by John Barrett junior of willow tree behind head masters office Roxbury Latin
Picture was taken from library window on second floor. Willow tree was in back courtyard between Rousmaniere Hall, where morning assembly, and dramatic and musical events occurred, and the former music classroom near the present gymnasium constructed l955 p 25 #785 Below is E mail I sent Roxbury Latin alumni December 28, 1999---: Sex Discrimination at Roxbury Latin is serious in its social consequences. The better the school gets, especially in science - the greater the harm done to women and society - the country, the world, but especially the local areas Roxbury-West Roxbury, Greater Boston. An escrow fund should be started for education of girls at Roxbury Latin. If the school admits young women, within three years, it should receive the funds. Otherwise it should be divided among schools nearby that educate girls such as Thayer and Milton Academies, Noble and Greenough, Buckingham,Browne and Nichols, Archbiship Williams or the Boston Public Schools. --John B. Barrett rls 1953 summa cum laude. In a study funded by United states Navy Harvard Physics Professor Gerald Holton found that prior to 1978 only one out of every forty United State post-doctorates in physics was female. In the younger cohort who graduated after 1978 one in seven was female - an improvement, but many capable women are beiong denied careers in science. For a number of years students from Roxbury Latin dominated the Amerherst freshamn Greek scholarship, because of the remarkable teaching of Classics master Van Courtlandt Elliott.Roxbury Latin students won the Amerherst scholarship five years in a row, and several times, when the top student delined to attend Amherst, the second or third candidate was also from Roxbury Latin. None of them was female, so girls were being denied equal opportunity. Roxbury latin students also won Harvard's George Emerson Lowell Greek scholarships. Sexual segregation in high school is bad for everyone. As James Russell Lowell said in the Civil War [of slavery] "Time makes Ancient Good Uncouth." Admit girls to Roxbury Latin! Better late than never.
Subject: (R)Willow tree Roxbury Latin
Year: 1952