Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


1910 ITASCA Revenue Cutter School Officers, cadets, & crew#789 p 25
Jack Barrett identified the five officers and most of the cadets and a few of the warrant officers. Starts at left front the l9l0 officers are Lieutenants Hutson,..,Dempwolf, Wolf, and Captain William V. E Jacobs at front center.Jack Barrett is standing in second row to picture-left of Captain Jacobs. Seated on deck Cadet Wilfred N. Derby was later Superintendant of Coast Guard Academy New London l947 and retired to Weston Massachusetts l960's, where for several years he grew Jack Barrett's tomato seedlings. He furnished recollections of the Revenue Cutter School and cruises in letters for Sophie and John l970, and his wife recollected her Hawaii childhood and years at Punahou School. More precise identifications will be added. Two other contributors to memoir corrrespondence are seated near Admiral Derby - Joseph Skita and F. A Zeusler who lived in retirement in Fort Worth Texas and Seattle, Washington l970.In back row of cadets about fifth from left is William Rupertus, who Jack and Sophie saw at Peking China l93l when he was in Marines - he became Marine Corps General at Tulagi August l942 and friend and associate of MarineCorps Commandant Vandegrift.Others in picture include Joseph Farley commandant of U.S. Coast Guard l947 and Engineer Milton Daniels and Admiral Earl Rose, who both contributed letters to Sophie l970. Admiral Rose was involved in beginning a Coast Guard History project.
Subject: ITASCA (9)with l9l0 personnel(9)
Year: 1910ITASCAcrew