Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Rebekah Geetter with Thalia and Harold - family please check identifications? p 28-843
Sophie's youngest sister Babe (Rebekah) got to know her future husband Dr. Isadore Geetter in 1922, before her sixteenth birthday.They were sweethearts while he was at Trinity College Hartford and Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia, and were married June 16, l929 at a wedding attended by Jack Barrett and Sophie Barrett and the large Meranski family and friends.Babe took a business course at Hartford Public High School and lived in New Britain Connecticut, where Dr. Geetter trained as an anesthesioligist, became administrator of the General Hospital until drafted into Naval Reserve desite five young children, David l933 Albert 1935, Thalia l938, Harold l940, Suznne l942.After the war the Geetter family bought their own hom at 92 Fern St. near the West Hartfod boundary at Bradley Rose Garden, and Babe's sister Esther Meranski came to live with them and thier five children, where the Barretts viosited many Thanksgivings and informal visits and Albert's bar mitvah spring l948, Daivd's graduation from Trinity College l955 and Thalia wedding to Michael P:rice June 10, l961.Babe was extremely devoted to her eleven grandchildren and wrote her sister Sophie long letters with family news.She and Dr. Geetter attended the fiftieth wedding anniersary of her sister Bertha and Sam Pollack in Hallandale, Florida June 1974, spent many summers at Belgrade Lakes, Maine, and visited West Indies, Japan, and Europe.
Subject: Rebekah Geetter
Year: 1941REBEKAH