Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


View from Ala Wai Boulevard between Kaiulani and Liliuokalani Streets- Edythe Needles photo 1948..28#845
View from near Barrett home mailed to Boton l948 by dear friend Edythe Needles after Barretts returned to Massachusettts "Home is the Sailor" in retirement.Born in Wales, Mrs. Needles was the Barretts' next door neighbor and dear friend for six years. Her husband James G. Needles knocked on our window on the morning of December 7, l941 toi teell Jack Barrett to report to his Pearl Harbor duty station because of the Pearl Harbor attack.Mrs. Needles was a Christian Scientist and Jim was a Latter Day Saint -Mormon.They invited us to luaus in their big yard next door after the war l945-l947, and early in the war we used their bomb shelter. Jim was in civilian defense, and they grew carrots in a Victory garden on top of the bomb shelter.
Subject: Ala Wai photo from Edythe Needles
Year: 1948Needlesd