Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Jack Barrett far right and Ed Illingworth l902 in inth grade Frederick T. Lincoln School, South Boston p 28 #858
Ninth grade l902 photo of Jack Barrett right and Edward Prescott Illingworth at far left- detail from l902 Frederick T. Lincoln School class photo -now earliest surviving photo of Jack barrett the "red'headed stepchild" after extensive l993 thefts including baby photos - group with aunts Minnie and Maggie Buckley ourside melrose home l892 and first and third grade shool groups and tintype with father and younger half-brother and half-sisters back yard 634 E. Seventh St. South Boston l900 or l90l.Ed Illingworth was l9l0 Harvard college grad - m studied piano and organ with Ferrucio Busoni, married l St. nerighbor named York - moved to West Roxbury about l9l7 - had doctor son - two daughters - Geraldine was a pianist - 64 Hastings St. West Roxbury. Jack said AT BOSTON LATIN ILLINGWORTH WAS NICKNAMED "THE Human QUESTION MARK." Notebook Four p 137 Jack's friend Dr. James B. Moloney was graduated from Lincoln School 1905 or 1906 and Jack's brother Bill Barrett and Bill's friend John Vaccaro of Second st. in 1908. In 1908 William E. Perry was principal, Jonathan Bruce and Carles S. Davis submasters, and Martha Wright, Master's Assistant. Assistants were Gertrude P. Cole, Vodisa J. Comey, Francis W. Dalrymple, M. Jeannette Grady, Edna F. Henderson, Lillian K. Lewis, Alice F. Moore, Agnes e. Nash, Harriet E. Sargent, Anna S. Stre?ffert, Mildred H. Tavender, Gertrude L. Wright. - apparently also Choate Burnham, Laura Newhall,First Asistant in charge, Kate A. Coolidge, Helen M. Canning, Helen A. Emery, Cecile E. Mackin, Mary E. McCarthy, Annie E. Pausland, Rachel W. Washburn, Daisy E. Welch.
Subject: 1902 photo Jack Barrett, Ed Illingworth
Year: 1902Jack