Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Mary Frances "Minnie" Buckley l867-;l912 born South Boston p 29 (#861)
Born Dec 25, l867, Minnie looked after her nephew John Berchmans Barrett in Melrose during the daytime 1889 to l894 while his father commuted by train to his plumbing shop near South Station Boston. Minnie was a younger sister of Jack Barrett's mother Catherine Agnes Buckley 1857-l889. Jack and his father lived with the Buckley aunts and grandparents on Park and Baxter Streets Melrose until Jack's father married Mary Lane november 1894. On one occasion Jack traveled by train about 1893 to visit Buckley cousins who were bootmakers in Milford, Massachusetts.These included Minnie's uncles Thomas and John Buckley, and her cousin Mrs. Kate Brennan. Minnie had a leather address book with many entries around l903-l904, including her uncle Michael Buckley, of Moskeigh, Bandon, coounty Cork, Ireland. He had at least seven children incluindg John. Patrick, and Michael, Kate, and Ellen, and eighteen grandchildren including May, Richard, Marcella, and ann Loretto of Moskeigh; nine in Bandon who moved to Ilford, Essex England - Richard, Patrick, michael Cyril. Leslie, Marcella helna (Lena) Suzy, and Geraldine; Tim and Ellen O Mahony castle lack, and Helen Buckley born phila and three siblings who settled in Buffal9o and blasdell, new york.Minnie was friendly with her mother's Hartigan relations. jack sat at Minnie's bedside for two days as she lay unconscious with spinal meningitis before her death March l9l2. A lost handwritten letter of Minnie's brother John Buckley of melrose 1852-l935 invited Jack barrett to keep some of her books. These included Scott's "Lady of the Lake" and an 1882 Collier's encyclopedia.
Subject: Minnie Buckley
Year: 1889MinnieBuckley