Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Jack Barrett's father and mother at left of tintype group p 29 #862
Jack Barrett's parents at left of South Boston tintype group. Catherine Agnes Buckley was born October of l957 or 1858 - records conflict. Her parents Daniel A. Buckley and Mary Ann O Farrell were married in Templemartin, Cork before coming to Boston, where their first son John was born december, l852. He had nine children eldest Frances, Gertrude and John and Catherine Agnes [same name as her aunt], then Fred, Alice Helen, Lavinia, Dorothy. His brother Dan moved to Brooklyn - had several children who died of scarlet fever - but his daughter Alice Rourke had a number of children,six or more,perhaps eight.Two younger Buckley boys died in infancy and were buried in Old Calvary cemetery Boston about l863.Three younger girls left no children - Ellen born about 1860 attended St. Augustine school South Boston, died aged 15 l875 leaving her handwriting in a number of schoolbooks.The two youngest girls Minnie l867-l912 and Maggie (Margaret l870-l921 looked after Jack Barrett l889-l894 during the day in Melrose. Catherine Agnes Buckley and John Robert Barrett November29,l854-August 21, l942 were married by Rev. Lee at Gate of Heaven church, South Boston April 28, l884.
Subject: Catherine buckley and john robert barrett
Year: 1884