Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Joan Rooney visiting upstairs at Barrett apartment 2A, 96l5 Shore Road, Brooklyn


#868 p 30 . Mr.and Mrs George Rooney lived on first floor of six story apartment building near water of "The Narrows" southwest Brooklyn looking west toward New Jersey and statue of liberty.Barrett family lived on second floor September l939 thru June l941.Christmas l940 photo by Commander Barrett. Mrs. Rooney cooked lunch for the Barretts the day they left for Hawaii, probably June 30, l941. She died during World War II, but Sophie, Jack, and John saw Mr. Rooney in l958 the afternoon after they attended wedding of Sophie's nephew Dr. David Geetter to Joan Trouboff in Brooklyn- one of the few times the Barretts returned to Brooklyn.. [p. 198 Library septeber 23, 1970] fireman h. 142 Minden. l;aborer. h. 487 Hanover, roofer, h. 351 East Eighth. Tomothy J. Sullivan marble cutter 16 Hanover Avnue + clerk, 197 Hanover h. 164 Chelsea St., Charlestown. JohnJ. Cochrane 750 Washington, h. 714 East Fourth. James P. Manning accounmtant h. 732 East Fourth.Joseph Curtaz coppersmith h,. 240 Silver St. NOTEBOOK FOUR p 200 Thomas Welch, trader, Goddard near E. Charles Mehegan, teamster Fourth near I John Mehegan laborer, Fourth near I another John Mehegan 20 Washington Place another 87 High Street. Catherine Mehegan, widow h. 106 Purchase. James Mehegan h. 68 Decatur, East Boston. Illingworth, John W. machinist, h. 6 Avenue Block, Washington Village. Joseph J. Illingworth engineer, h. 67 Emerald. William S. Locke, plumber, 2 Harvard, h. Third near G. Edward W. Locke, machinist, boards 315 Broadway. Edward A. Locke 21 State, h. 7 Broad. Benjamin F. Keen, Eighth corner G machinist. Michael J. Driscoll, liquors, 4 India Wharf and 53 Long Wharf, h 22 Purchase. Sidney Bryant, machinist, boards 50 Harrison (not in 1865). Cornelius Crowley 50 Athens,, 44 Spring, 379 Federal, and two in East Boston. 1865 DIRECTORY: Daniel Buckley, laborer, h. 25 North Charles, h. rear 37 Clark, plumber 10 Brattle, h. rear Hawes School, South Boston. No Sidney Bryant. William S. Locke, plumber, 2 Howard, h. Third near G. Cornellius Crowley Athens near A. [p. 201 library September 23, 1970] Thomas Welch, butcher, 4 Goddard opposite Clapp. Thomas Welch, trader 5 Qunicy near D. Michael Thompson machinist boards 178 Harrison Avenue Patrick M. Dailey machinist, 8 Goddard near E. Peter Daly Gold between C + D. William Daly Athens corner railroad. B. Daly sixth near D. James Daly 91 Quincy St. near D. No Daniel Farrell. Bernard Farrell Goddard near E. John Farrell 79 C corner Silver. Lizzie Farrell 167 Fourth. 1864 DIRECTORY Daniel Buckley 25 North Charles, 210 Third, plumber opposite 328 Athens. Daly: Catherine widow 63 A, James Quincy near D, James W. printer 84 Athens, John + Michael Athens near A, Patrick Second near B, Peter Gold near C also 11 Cherry and mariner rear Second near H, William h. Athens corner railroad. No Dan Farrell. Bernard Farrell, Goddard near E. Edward Farrell, Athens near D. Patrick M. Dailey h. 8 Goddard near E. 1863 DIRECTORY Patrick M Dailey h. Goddard near E. no Andrew. Daniel Buckley 19 Third, 25 North Charles, 210 Third, 124 Purchase, plumber 328 Athens, chairseat Institute for Blind. Daniel B. Buckley, Boston Hotel. William Farrell 71 A. [p202] William Farrell, mariner, 10 Stillman Mrs. William Farrell Boston Wharf. Bernard Farrell rear 70 Carver Charles 92 Cross Edward 139 Gold Francis 37 Nashua. Margaret Farrell, widow, 18 Carver. Mary Farrell, widow, 19 Fleet. 1862 DIRECTORY Daniel Buckley, laborer, h. 19 Third and h 5 Livingston Place Daniel, plumber, 10 Brattle h. opposite 328 Athens near Dorchester. chair seatter, Institute for Blind, hairdresser under U.S. Hotel, boards 11 Columbia. Cornelius Crowley Second corner D. 39 East Orange, 311 Federal, 26 Purchase, 117 Lexington,. 69 A. John Illingworth, machinist, 147 Fourth. William S. Locke and William Holt, plumbers 14 Howard h. Third near G. Daly: Peter Gold near C. Patrick slater h. 26 Seneca. carpenter h.92 1/2 Kneeland, laborer Second near railroad. William h. Athens near railroad. William D. grocer 71 Cove.Jeremiah K. liquors 3 East St., corner Cove, James W. 46 Congress boards Athens, James 128 Dorchester Avenue, James 231 Federal, Catherine, widow, 63 A. Daley, Andrew J. trunkmaker h. 26 Lancaster. Catherine Daley widow 189 Second. David (Cal) Third near F. Dailey, Patrick M. h. Foundry near Fourth.Farrell, Barney, Goddard near E. Daniel, machinist [p 203 library September 23, 1970] h. 23 Goddard Catherine widow 75 A Edward 139 Gold .Godfrey 155 Silver. John 99 North Margin, Mary widow Second corner F. William harness maker 126 Dorcheter Avenue. William 75 A.Thomas Welch butcher Goddard opposite Clapp. also a laborer Athens near D. Barry Sullivan, laborer, 151 Purchase. Charles McKenna,baker, boards 99 Prince. Peter McGlinchey carpenter h. 46 East Malden 1861 Directory Daniel Buckley 67-A 5 Livingston Place, Old Road, plumber h. Messenger foot of Chestnut also Dan B.B. Buckley French and Co. not ours. Catherine Barrett widow GODDARD NEAR E. Cornelius Crowley Second corner D, 39 East Orange 81 Gold, 22 East Orange 311 Federal, 26 Purchase, h. boarder C corner Eutaw and two East Boston. 7 Daileys no Andrew. A Patrick Dailey on Foundry near Fourth. Andrew Daley trunk maker h. 50 Lowell. Anthony E near First. Sarah widow Athens near E. Daly, Catherine widow 10 Milton Place, Daniel 124 Purchase, James carpenter Athens near D. James W., printer, house on Athens, Margaret, widow First near E. Malachi 106 Fourth -provisions. Peter Fourth near C. Farrell, Barney + Hugh carriage maker Goddard near E. no Daniel. 1858 Daniel Buckley 15 Livingston [p 204] 347 North, charcoal peddler 16 Malden. Robert Barrett, milkman Goddard near Lark. also another a porter at 92 South. Patrick M. Dailey Foundry near Fourth. Patrick Dailey 122 Purchase. Thomas Dailey, mariner, 229 North. Thomas V. Dailey, grocer, 122 Endicott. No Dan Farrell. Barney Farrell 16 South Bennett John Farrell 254 Second. William Farrell 60 Fourth 2 Charles Mehegan 365 Federal, 5 Cove Place, 2 John Mehegan 76 Broad and rear 358 North. 2 Timothy Mehegan tailor 6 Wendell, Vinal's Wharf, Thomas Welch, butcher, Goddard near Clapp and eight others. 1857 Daniel Buckley Fifth near E, rear 347 North, 5 Gridley. (2) Robert Barrett milkman GODDARD NEAR LARK also another a porter at 92 South. No Daniel Farrell. Barney + Hugh Farrell at Goddard. 2 Charles Mehegans 365 Federal, 273 Broad. 2 John Mehegans 106 Purchase Street sailmaker, 76 Broad, laborer. 1856 Daniel Buckley teamster Boston Wharf. another Second near A and a Mrs. 22 Fleet. ROBERT BARRETT milkman GODDARD NEAR LARK Daniel Farrell, laborer, h. rear 166 Federal. Hugh Farrell, carriagemaker, house foot of Goddard. p. 205- Barney Farrell Goddard near E 2 John Mehegans silmaker 106 Purchase laborer 5 Cove Place. Charles Mehegan laborer 365 Federal Dennis Mehiggin read 272 north John Megihan 17 Washington Avenue. 1855 No Robert Barrett Daniel Buckley Second near B rear 24 Belcher Lane, tailor rrar 390 Commercial and Mrs. 22 Fleet. Dennis Daly 31 Oliver. 5 Dailey Barney 136th Fourth George 177 Second, Michael blacksmith 152 Fourth, Owen 1 Adams Place Peter Park St. Place. No Daniel farrell No Illingworth. John Mehegan 5 Cove Place. John Mehiggan 17 Washington Avenue. 1854 Dan Buckley Second near B Mike _+ Tim Mehegan John Mehiggin 17 Washington cove.Dailey, george, grocer 177 Second, James 23 Washington Place, Jaemes servantAmerican house, Jeremiah 149 Endicott , John 95 Fourth,Michael 135 Fourth, Peter 183-Fourth near D, Richard 58 Nashua Thomas 27 Oliver.[p.206 Library September 23, 1970]William Daley Second corner Third. 1852-1853 ATHENS CORNER SECOND, HANOVER STREET MARY BARRETT born ATHENS CORNER SECOND , another at Hanover Street. (Mary Barrett born Athens, corner Second). Daniel Buckley 10 Fleet, Belcher Lane[*Carpenter 5 Wharf may refer to Robert Barrett?] Barney Farrell 16 Bennet. Hugh Farrell wheelwright First near I. No Dan Farrell. John Mehiggin rear 73 A. another 17 Washington Avenue.Michael Mehegan 18 High. [16 Daileys] 2 Daily 44 Daley 8 Daly. Catherine Daley widow Second corner E. Malachi Daley Second near A. Michael 14 Cove, Patrick Cove, John Dailey Third Corner F. John Daly Silver near C. Patrick 4 Wharf, 1852 DIRECTORY Robert Barrett Athens near Second Daniel Buckley 5 Wharf. listed twice as carpenter and tailor. Hugh Farrell First near I. Barney Farrell 16 Bennet. Mehiggan, John rear 73 A + 17 Washington Avenue Michael Mehegan 18 High 6 Daly Patrick 4 Wharf 113 Havre John Silver near C. 71 Emerald. Michael 68 Atkinson, Richard 8 Charlestown James M. 108 Leverett, dentist. + 1851 Daniel Buckley 10 fleet, probably not ours. Robert Barrett, Athens near second, laborer. [p 207 library September 23, 1970] Daley 7 David, Dennis, Michael, Patrick. William Daley SECOND CORNER A James Dailey SECOND NEAR B 1849-50 DIRECTORY ROBERT BARRETT A corner THIRD laborer John Mehagen A near Third. John Daley 4 Cove. Daniel Buckley Fort Hill rear gun house laborer. tailor 5 Powers Court 3 Broad Street. boarding house. end September 23 notes.


Rev.Robin Eames and Rev. Finbarr O Halloran at reconsecration of ancient Templemartin churchyard l997Cork p 30-869


In March l998 Jack Barrett's second cousin Ann Loretto Buckley sent a newly published history of Templemartin parish Cork, following restoration of the ancient mediaeval buyring ground.It was stated by neighbor Patrick Desmond that the sixty-acre Buckley farm Moskeigh had been in the Buckley family seven generations. Jack's mother's mother Mary Ann O Farrell grew up i neighboring Kilbarry. Her father's ancestor Tim (O) Farrell set up a stone in the Templemartin churchyard in 1779, when his daughter ellen died age twenty. Jack's mother's mother's mother was Ellen O Mahony.The O Mahonys are one of the oldest known genealogical lines in Ireland and along with the Kennedys claim descent from high king Brian Boru, who defeated the Danish invaders on the east coast of Ireland north of Dublin at Clontarf in AD 1014, when he was eighty-eight years old.The O Mahony clan had its seat from hundreds of years in Gurranes, Templemartin. Rev. Finbarr O Halloran is one of a family of fifteen, friends and neighbors of the Moskeigh Buckleys.


Restored Templemartin cemetery county Cork Ireland


p 30-870 Tim O Farrell,an ancestor of Jack Barrett's mother's mother set up a family tombstone here in Templemartin cemetery whenh his granddaughter Ellen died in 1779. The Kilbarry OFarrell family continued to use the site until the l940s. This area was the original medieval site of the clan O Mahony, to which Jack Barrett's mother's mother's mother belonged.The Hartigans of Roslindale- Everett-Marshfield are also descended from her .


Templemartin churchyard before reconsecration, west Cork Ireland


p 30-871 Scene is about six miles north of Bandon, county Cork in Gurranes near Moskeigh, Crookstown road, and Templemartin store and creamery. Notebook 8 p 41--Feb 2, 1972 letter from Loretto Buckley, Moskeigh--Ella and I were up to see Julia Mehigan and Nan Grainger on the thirtieth of January.They are in fair form.Nan is quite good at telling stories of her early life.There was snow falling.Jack Sheehy did not go with us as the cattle should be got in much earlier [than usual] from the cold.You must have had a nice time with Richy and Helen and Bob Buckley [in Buffalo, New York]. Meeting the carlins made the trip more useful.Are the Carlins in any way like the Buckleys Moskeigh or the Ilford Buckleys? Kate Buckley, my aunt [Mrs. O Hahony Castle Lack]-she was the oldest daughter. John Buckley [who went to Buffalo] was the oldest son.He might not [have] like[d] farming.Perhaps money may be another reason.As sons and daughters all waited for cash to come out of the land- and in most of all farms it was not there to handle, so it was got in the bank, and the son that was [to be] the owner later had to pay all the cash back to the bank as well as try to make his oown living.Dan Buckley was a son of Jerry Buckley's.Dan had one son Dan Junior also [born England 1914].Lena Buckley called to see my father when she came from the states.She and Mrs. Meskill were sisters.She was cousins of ours, but I don't know much about them.Mrs. O Halloran would perhaps help as she is good in that way.I did hear that there was a connection in some way with the Spillanes. One girl married into a farm not so far from here.They were farmers also and sold the old home.The father's name was John.He had two sons - John,James daughters,Dollie Mary Annie.One of the sons john died a few years past. God bless- Loretto, May, Jack."


Michael McMahon manager of Templemartin creamery l928-l975 p 30-872


Mr. McMahon helped the Barretts locate Jack's cousins Loetto, May and Ricahrd Buckley and the Sheehys Moskeigh l970. For forty-seven years he managed Templemartin creamery where Jack's cousins Loetto Buckley, Sean O Farrell, Maurice and Jack Sheehy, Peg and John Murphy, Tim O Mahony and their neighbors took their milk to market every morning. In l970 the West Roxbury Barretts addressed an inquiry to the officials of the town of Bandon, who placed the notice in the weekly local Bandon newspaper the Southern Star. Mr. McMaho9n whowed this otice to Jack's second cousinLoretto Buckley, who wrote Mrs. Barrett in august l970. Her grandfather Michael Buckley corresponded with his niece Minnie, who was Jack Barrett's mother's sister.Loretto recollected her grandfather also had a photo in l9l8 of his relative General Michael Lenihan, a native of Hopkinton, Mass. who commanded a New York Irish battalion in France in the First World War. Lenihan's niece taught at Randall Morris School, West roxbury.


Farnivane Templemartin Cork Ireland l946 Sean O Farrell and others


p 30-873 BARRETT family 1880s photo album stolen 1993 - many unidentified photos including tintypes. Surviving photos on website: Original Daniel Buckley 1827-1910 born Moskeigh with son-in-law John Robert Barrett 1854-1942 of South Boston and unidentified large group. COPIES Michael Barrett born about 1850 South Boston. Mary Ann O Farrell Buckley 1831-1896 born Templemartin Cork. Catherine Agnes Buckley 1857-1889 who married John robert Barrett 1884 - mother of John Berchmans Barrett born August 28, 1888- two individual photos one in wedding dress. John Robert Barrett with rist wife Catherine and two other couples 1880s tintype. John J. Buckley December, 1852-1935 photo dated 1872 born South Boston married Jennie Cain from Warrenton England 1884 moved to Melrose, worked as pattern maker Charlestown Navy Yard, three sons = six daughters. Mary Frances "Minnie" Buckley 1867-1912 corresponded with her uncle Michael Buckley of Moskeigh, Cork, Ireland around 1903. Also one photo taken in Milford, Massachusetts, is probably Thomas Buckley born Moskeigh, Cork 1830s unless possibly his brother John _ Bboth of whom settled in Milford. LOST PHOTOS Robert Joseph Mehegan senior 1857-1925, son of Ellen Barrett 1822-1895 and John Mehegan 1830-1873 from Ballyheedy - he wrotedown Barrett family history for his son Robert Mehegan, junior, then working in Federal Land Office, Evanston, Wyoming, who was about to visit San Francisco relatives. Catherine Mehegan 1854-1924 sister of the family historian, who married James Craig and lived on Blossom Street downtown Boston. Catherine Barrett born 1855 South Boston "taken in San Francisco 1871" after she and sister Mary took transcontinental railroad west. William S. Locke master plumber, to whom Jack Barett's father was apprenticed - resided later years at 617 E. Seventh Street. Also his brother "ned Locke". Mrs. Welch, sister of baker Michael A. Thompson with whom John Robert Barrett lived in 1860s at 640 East Seventh Street, where he was lised in 1870 federal census. Mrs. Welch was also a neighbor of the Barretts 1850s on Goddard Street, Washington Village, which becase West Eighth Street after annexation to bson 1855. Mrs. McGlinchey a neighbor with family connection to master plumber William S. Locke. Wally Sweeney friend of John Robert Barrett who drove South Boston railroad cars. George Varnum photo in Union Army Civil War Uniform- he lived in the two family house at 640 E. Seventh St. where John Robert Barrett grew up. Crnelius Crowley remembered by Jack Barrett as a building inspector. Sidney Bryant a foreman who resided in Newton. One young woman whose photo was taken in Milford was probably named either Mary Frances Buckley like her cousin in Melrose Jack's aunt or Catherine Buckley, who becamse Mrs. Brennan. The nearer Milford relations died out, but Lenihans, Sweeneys, and Kelletts were distant cousins who survive.


dog show at Muskerry Bar north of Bandon p 30-874


Formerly owned by Sheehy relatives of Buckleys and Jack Barrett. Maurice Sheehy 1900-l973, Jerry about l902-l979, and Jack about 1908-l979 and their sister who died young grew up here.Their mother was a daughter of Jerry Buckley of Moskeigh, who in turn was born 1830s. Maurice Sheehy maried Kate O Halloran, related to him through Quarry-Murphy second cousins according to Loretto Buckley, and they had three sons and three daughters at their Moskeigh farm. Maurice's brother Jerry Sheehy emigrated to USA and had three sons in California and Connecticut. Jack Sheehy lived many years working on the farm of his second cousin Loretto Buckley of Moskeigh, where he drove the car, took milk to creamery, cared for cattle, planted potatoes and cabbage, played accordion. He was there during John Barrett junior's visits at Moskeigh l971-l978 and took great pride in his Sheehy, Murphy, Clarke, Manning nieces and nephews, their accomplisments in sports and their fine families.


Templemartin farmers outing to Kerry l950' p 30-875


Assistance from friends in Ireland identifying persons in photo would be welcome.Hundreds of relatives of Commander Jack Barrett mother Catherine Agnes Buckley remain in the templemartin area and around Cork. The sixty acre Buckley farm Moskeigh was occupied in 1827 and l852 census by Jack's mother's father's father John Buckley and his wife Catherine Murphy, said to have been related through the "Quarry" Murphy clan to Jim Hallahan on the hill in north part of Moskeigh and to Kate O Halloran who married Maurice Sheehy. One quarter mile to the west in Kilbarry the O Farrell farm has been in that family since before l779, when ancestor Tim O Farrell set up a tombstone bearing the name of his daughter Ellen Farrell age twenty years in Tempermartin churchyard, where the family continued to bury until the l940s. Unlike Jack's other relations, whose names have a Cork history in the Middle ages, O Farrells originate in the Shannon river area. Jack's mother's mother's mother was Ellen O Mahony. The O Mahonys claim descent from high king Brian Boru, who defeated the Danes l014 at Clontarf on the east coast of Ireland north of Dublin when he was eighty-eight years old. O Mahony neighbors at Seanacloyne near Farnivane many be distant relatives. At "The Lake" Castle Lack between Templemartin and the Town of Bandon Tim O Mahony born 1890s was the son of Kate Buckley, an aunt of Loretto and daughter of Michael Buckley l834-l9l8 of Moskeigh. A Buckley third cousin married a converted gentleman named Grainger or Granger and had a family of thirteen in an area west of Newcestown, and descendants are very numerous, including Dr. Grainger in the Cloughduv area, who has taken care of Loretto, and a widow Mrs. Barrett near Ballinhassig, who seems relatred to the Buckleys through the Graingers. The large Sheehy family of Moskigh hare descended from Jerry Buckley's daughter. The O Farrells in addition to the original Kilbarry homestead also for many years farmed a property near Crookstown, which later became property of Bill Hennessy, who married Sheila O Farrell of Kilbarry - they had seven children and in l970s lived at 22 Wilton Gardens Dennehy's Cross, Cork City. Sheila's sister Joan was Mrs. Donal Collins, Lisnagat, Newcestown parish. Numerous other relations canbe traced in Cork and Massachusetts, including Father Edward Hartigan, a native of South Boston, who founded Camp Cedar Crest Green Harbor Marhfield l920s, visited the O Farrell cousins l929 at their Kilbarry farm, and for many years was Pastor of Immaculateconception Church, Everett, Massachusetts. Two of Barrett sisters in boston married Mehegan brothers from Ballyheedy, BaLLINHASSIG and had other relative the Kerrigans and Rings of Ballymartle near Kinsale. Jack Barrett's father's mother was Catherine Daly or Dailey -a West Cork name - they were bards long associated with the O Mahonys possibly near Skibbereen.