Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Rev.Robin Eames and Rev. Finbarr O Halloran at reconsecration of ancient Templemartin churchyard l997Cork p 30-869
In March l998 Jack Barrett's second cousin Ann Loretto Buckley sent a newly published history of Templemartin parish Cork, following restoration of the ancient mediaeval buyring ground.It was stated by neighbor Patrick Desmond that the sixty-acre Buckley farm Moskeigh had been in the Buckley family seven generations. Jack's mother's mother Mary Ann O Farrell grew up i neighboring Kilbarry. Her father's ancestor Tim (O) Farrell set up a stone in the Templemartin churchyard in 1779, when his daughter ellen died age twenty. Jack's mother's mother's mother was Ellen O Mahony.The O Mahonys are one of the oldest known genealogical lines in Ireland and along with the Kennedys claim descent from high king Brian Boru, who defeated the Danish invaders on the east coast of Ireland north of Dublin at Clontarf in AD 1014, when he was eighty-eight years old.The O Mahony clan had its seat from hundreds of years in Gurranes, Templemartin. Rev. Finbarr O Halloran is one of a family of fifteen, friends and neighbors of the Moskeigh Buckleys.
Subject: Restoration of Templemartin cemetry Cork(I)
Year: 1997