Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Templemartin churchyard before reconsecration, west Cork Ireland
p 30-871 Scene is about six miles north of Bandon, county Cork in Gurranes near Moskeigh, Crookstown road, and Templemartin store and creamery. Notebook 8 p 41--Feb 2, 1972 letter from Loretto Buckley, Moskeigh--Ella and I were up to see Julia Mehigan and Nan Grainger on the thirtieth of January.They are in fair form.Nan is quite good at telling stories of her early life.There was snow falling.Jack Sheehy did not go with us as the cattle should be got in much earlier [than usual] from the cold.You must have had a nice time with Richy and Helen and Bob Buckley [in Buffalo, New York]. Meeting the carlins made the trip more useful.Are the Carlins in any way like the Buckleys Moskeigh or the Ilford Buckleys? Kate Buckley, my aunt [Mrs. O Hahony Castle Lack]-she was the oldest daughter. John Buckley [who went to Buffalo] was the oldest son.He might not [have] like[d] farming.Perhaps money may be another reason.As sons and daughters all waited for cash to come out of the land- and in most of all farms it was not there to handle, so it was got in the bank, and the son that was [to be] the owner later had to pay all the cash back to the bank as well as try to make his oown living.Dan Buckley was a son of Jerry Buckley's.Dan had one son Dan Junior also [born England 1914].Lena Buckley called to see my father when she came from the states.She and Mrs. Meskill were sisters.She was cousins of ours, but I don't know much about them.Mrs. O Halloran would perhaps help as she is good in that way.I did hear that there was a connection in some way with the Spillanes. One girl married into a farm not so far from here.They were farmers also and sold the old home.The father's name was John.He had two sons - John,James daughters,Dollie Mary Annie.One of the sons john died a few years past. God bless- Loretto, May, Jack."
Subject: Templemartin churchyard(I)
Year: 1995