Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Michael McMahon manager of Templemartin creamery l928-l975 p 30-872
Mr. McMahon helped the Barretts locate Jack's cousins Loetto, May and Ricahrd Buckley and the Sheehys Moskeigh l970. For forty-seven years he managed Templemartin creamery where Jack's cousins Loetto Buckley, Sean O Farrell, Maurice and Jack Sheehy, Peg and John Murphy, Tim O Mahony and their neighbors took their milk to market every morning. In l970 the West Roxbury Barretts addressed an inquiry to the officials of the town of Bandon, who placed the notice in the weekly local Bandon newspaper the Southern Star. Mr. McMaho9n whowed this otice to Jack's second cousinLoretto Buckley, who wrote Mrs. Barrett in august l970. Her grandfather Michael Buckley corresponded with his niece Minnie, who was Jack Barrett's mother's sister.Loretto recollected her grandfather also had a photo in l9l8 of his relative General Michael Lenihan, a native of Hopkinton, Mass. who commanded a New York Irish battalion in France in the First World War. Lenihan's niece taught at Randall Morris School, West roxbury.
Subject: Michael McMahon Templemartin creamery manager(I)
Year: 1970