Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Farnivane Templemartin Cork Ireland l946 Sean O Farrell and others
p 30-873 BARRETT family 1880s photo album stolen 1993 - many unidentified photos including tintypes. Surviving photos on website: Original Daniel Buckley 1827-1910 born Moskeigh with son-in-law John Robert Barrett 1854-1942 of South Boston and unidentified large group. COPIES Michael Barrett born about 1850 South Boston. Mary Ann O Farrell Buckley 1831-1896 born Templemartin Cork. Catherine Agnes Buckley 1857-1889 who married John robert Barrett 1884 - mother of John Berchmans Barrett born August 28, 1888- two individual photos one in wedding dress. John Robert Barrett with rist wife Catherine and two other couples 1880s tintype. John J. Buckley December, 1852-1935 photo dated 1872 born South Boston married Jennie Cain from Warrenton England 1884 moved to Melrose, worked as pattern maker Charlestown Navy Yard, three sons = six daughters. Mary Frances "Minnie" Buckley 1867-1912 corresponded with her uncle Michael Buckley of Moskeigh, Cork, Ireland around 1903. Also one photo taken in Milford, Massachusetts, is probably Thomas Buckley born Moskeigh, Cork 1830s unless possibly his brother John _ Bboth of whom settled in Milford. LOST PHOTOS Robert Joseph Mehegan senior 1857-1925, son of Ellen Barrett 1822-1895 and John Mehegan 1830-1873 from Ballyheedy - he wrotedown Barrett family history for his son Robert Mehegan, junior, then working in Federal Land Office, Evanston, Wyoming, who was about to visit San Francisco relatives. Catherine Mehegan 1854-1924 sister of the family historian, who married James Craig and lived on Blossom Street downtown Boston. Catherine Barrett born 1855 South Boston "taken in San Francisco 1871" after she and sister Mary took transcontinental railroad west. William S. Locke master plumber, to whom Jack Barett's father was apprenticed - resided later years at 617 E. Seventh Street. Also his brother "ned Locke". Mrs. Welch, sister of baker Michael A. Thompson with whom John Robert Barrett lived in 1860s at 640 East Seventh Street, where he was lised in 1870 federal census. Mrs. Welch was also a neighbor of the Barretts 1850s on Goddard Street, Washington Village, which becase West Eighth Street after annexation to bson 1855. Mrs. McGlinchey a neighbor with family connection to master plumber William S. Locke. Wally Sweeney friend of John Robert Barrett who drove South Boston railroad cars. George Varnum photo in Union Army Civil War Uniform- he lived in the two family house at 640 E. Seventh St. where John Robert Barrett grew up. Crnelius Crowley remembered by Jack Barrett as a building inspector. Sidney Bryant a foreman who resided in Newton. One young woman whose photo was taken in Milford was probably named either Mary Frances Buckley like her cousin in Melrose Jack's aunt or Catherine Buckley, who becamse Mrs. Brennan. The nearer Milford relations died out, but Lenihans, Sweeneys, and Kelletts were distant cousins who survive.
Subject: Farnivane p 30 (I)
Year: 1946