Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


dog show at Muskerry Bar north of Bandon p 30-874
Formerly owned by Sheehy relatives of Buckleys and Jack Barrett. Maurice Sheehy 1900-l973, Jerry about l902-l979, and Jack about 1908-l979 and their sister who died young grew up here.Their mother was a daughter of Jerry Buckley of Moskeigh, who in turn was born 1830s. Maurice Sheehy maried Kate O Halloran, related to him through Quarry-Murphy second cousins according to Loretto Buckley, and they had three sons and three daughters at their Moskeigh farm. Maurice's brother Jerry Sheehy emigrated to USA and had three sons in California and Connecticut. Jack Sheehy lived many years working on the farm of his second cousin Loretto Buckley of Moskeigh, where he drove the car, took milk to creamery, cared for cattle, planted potatoes and cabbage, played accordion. He was there during John Barrett junior's visits at Moskeigh l971-l978 and took great pride in his Sheehy, Murphy, Clarke, Manning nieces and nephews, their accomplisments in sports and their fine families.
Subject: Muskerry Bar, onetime Sheehy home(I)
Year: 1950