Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Templemartin farmers outing to Kerry l950' p 30-875
Assistance from friends in Ireland identifying persons in photo would be welcome.Hundreds of relatives of Commander Jack Barrett mother Catherine Agnes Buckley remain in the templemartin area and around Cork. The sixty acre Buckley farm Moskeigh was occupied in 1827 and l852 census by Jack's mother's father's father John Buckley and his wife Catherine Murphy, said to have been related through the "Quarry" Murphy clan to Jim Hallahan on the hill in north part of Moskeigh and to Kate O Halloran who married Maurice Sheehy. One quarter mile to the west in Kilbarry the O Farrell farm has been in that family since before l779, when ancestor Tim O Farrell set up a tombstone bearing the name of his daughter Ellen Farrell age twenty years in Tempermartin churchyard, where the family continued to bury until the l940s. Unlike Jack's other relations, whose names have a Cork history in the Middle ages, O Farrells originate in the Shannon river area. Jack's mother's mother's mother was Ellen O Mahony. The O Mahonys claim descent from high king Brian Boru, who defeated the Danes l014 at Clontarf on the east coast of Ireland north of Dublin when he was eighty-eight years old. O Mahony neighbors at Seanacloyne near Farnivane many be distant relatives. At "The Lake" Castle Lack between Templemartin and the Town of Bandon Tim O Mahony born 1890s was the son of Kate Buckley, an aunt of Loretto and daughter of Michael Buckley l834-l9l8 of Moskeigh. A Buckley third cousin married a converted gentleman named Grainger or Granger and had a family of thirteen in an area west of Newcestown, and descendants are very numerous, including Dr. Grainger in the Cloughduv area, who has taken care of Loretto, and a widow Mrs. Barrett near Ballinhassig, who seems relatred to the Buckleys through the Graingers. The large Sheehy family of Moskigh hare descended from Jerry Buckley's daughter. The O Farrells in addition to the original Kilbarry homestead also for many years farmed a property near Crookstown, which later became property of Bill Hennessy, who married Sheila O Farrell of Kilbarry - they had seven children and in l970s lived at 22 Wilton Gardens Dennehy's Cross, Cork City. Sheila's sister Joan was Mrs. Donal Collins, Lisnagat, Newcestown parish. Numerous other relations canbe traced in Cork and Massachusetts, including Father Edward Hartigan, a native of South Boston, who founded Camp Cedar Crest Green Harbor Marhfield l920s, visited the O Farrell cousins l929 at their Kilbarry farm, and for many years was Pastor of Immaculateconception Church, Everett, Massachusetts. Two of Barrett sisters in boston married Mehegan brothers from Ballyheedy, BaLLINHASSIG and had other relative the Kerrigans and Rings of Ballymartle near Kinsale. Jack Barrett's father's mother was Catherine Daly or Dailey -a West Cork name - they were bards long associated with the O Mahonys possibly near Skibbereen.
Subject: Templemartin farmers outing(I)
Year: 1955