Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


John Vaccaro 32-884
Boston Latin l9l2 Harvard college l9l6 Harvard law l9l9 - maried Mary Burke of Dochester three daughters, Rose, Mary, and Claire. Searched Barrettt house title l947 West Roxbury. At one time dated Catherine Casey of K St. South Boston, who became teaching nun - her cousin Catherine Miley became first wife of William J. Barrett - l9l2 classmate of John Vaccaro.John paid way through law school as barber - worked for a time withDan Lyne's law firm = later sharedoffice with Anthony Iovino at Eleven Beacon St, emphasis on converancing. Close friend of Jasck and Bill and Mollie Barrett- often took Jack and john to Locke ober's restautrant Boston. Met Sophie shortly after her return from China l932.Showed John the memorial Benjamin Franklin set up for his parents. He and Bill Barrett were also l908 classmates at Linclon School, South Boston, where he recited "The One-Legged Goose" in a Declamation exercise. Bill Barrett and John Vaccaro performed together in "Julius Caesar>"Named for Boston mayor Frederick Lincoln, the school was on present Branch library site between I and K Streets on north side of Broadway.Boston Latin classamtes l912 were Frederick Gillis of boston College Busainess school and hiarvard historian William L Langer., also land appraiser Archie Dresser.
Subject: John Vaccaro
Year: 1916