Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


buick in Panama 1934-1935.Gift of Jack's brother Bill. -887
Sophie learned to drive in Panama (on left side of road 1934)but was nervous, especially when big Army trucks wanted to pass on narrow mud roads.She also learned to swim, and enjoyed that more, continuing at Waikiki Beach. She would fill her rubber bathing cap with water to wash sand off her feet afterward.Leaving Panama for Norfolk Jack as Executive Officer of the HANNIBAL had to navigate carefully keeping just ahead of a major hurricane in the western Carribean Sepember 1935.Crew would have been disappointed if ship stopped or turned back, as they were looking forward to leave.Jack marked the course and dates on Hydrographic charts.The Buick had belonged to Jack Barrett's brother Bill, who worked in New York with Metyropolitan Life and made scores of weekend trips to see his wife Cathrine, under treatment by Dr. William J. Manary for cancer at Boston City Hospital. Her condition was incurable, but careful feeding and support kept her alive many months. Then Bill gave the Buick to Jack when Jack and Sophie were at 422 Columbia Road Dorchester l932 and they took Jack's sister Mollie with them on many drives around New England, including Acadia Park Maine.They kept the Buick until Jack bought a l937 Lincoln Zephyr in Philadelpia .
Subject: Buick,Panama {P}
Year: 1934