Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


First Lietenant Bill Barrett and freind H. Kennedy McCook -888 {W}
Jack Barrett took Bill and his friend H. Kennedy McCook aboard EAGLE 19 when he was drilling Naval Reservists at Bar Harbor maine May l932 (same trip Jack sent Naval Hydrographic office a report of a spectacular Aurora --- boralis displa) Jack saw mcCook again at his brother Bill's funeral January l967 Darien CT.This photo is from around 1919.---Dear John, I was very happy to hear from you after all these years. Your account of individuals and events of the late forties and fifties at Kabeyun took me back to memories of my own that I had just begun to revive after 35 years or so. The business about botany and algae is much less interesting to me these days. I was especially happy to find out that your recollections of Kabeyun history were as strong as they are, including memories of the early trips deparment. I had been thrilled when I found the Kabeyun site to discover that the KMC had not only kept up the tradition of climbing Mt. Carrigain but that it was organizing a website intent on establishing the entire membership of the organization. I also discovered, however, that my years were very much neglected, and try as I might I have not done much to remedy the situation. Have you looked at it? I hope that you will be able to come up with more names than I did. I need a photo to remember the names. I would love to discover and to post one of a ceremony inside the old cabin on the firetower. Because I have not forgotten specific scenes of myself with others at my initiation, I must have photos of it somewhere. Do you, by any chance, have e-mail addresses for Bill French, John Hallowell, Joe Kelsey, the Grossmans or Charlie Scott? With their help we could flesh out the KMC roster for the late 50's. and even find a photo that would show the early forms of a tradition that has continued for 45 years. Walter did a good job with 1953, but we would want a photo from him too. His info evidently comes from "The Grub," whatever that was. What takes you to Washington? Take care, Doug
Subject: Bill Barrett with H. Kennedy McCook
Year: 1919