Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


grandpa Jack & John Philadelphia #894
standing grass p 33 --5-238 when you will be in Mosleigh. = Maurice Sheehy is just like Richard. he does not do much writing.He has asked me to thank you also for te greetings. His family may take up and do some writing for him.His wife is dead., and he had three sons and three daughters. Five are married.The youngest boy is not married.He is not much over twenty years old. Now I am back to the Buckleys. My aunt Mary Ann did not marry.She died a young woman. catherine - Kate as she was called- married John O Mahony a farmer in Castlelack and had three sons, two daughters - sons Tim,Michael John and James, and Margaret and Mary Ellen. Margaret was a nun and is dead.Tim is married on the home farm.Mary Ellen is also living with them.She did not marry. Michael John and James O Mahony are in England and are married and have family (Tim has one son, two daughters. I haven't got the address of the buffalo Bucleys.But I hope to have it in the next few months, as I have heard from a friend that Bob Buckley will visit Ireland this year..= Uncle Michael Buckley's family - they are in England. Only Richard is in USA. It is his son [who] is to come- then I will be able to let you have the address. You mentioned a Jeremiah Buckley on the records. Perhaps he was a son to Jeremiah Buckley the bootmaker- an uncle to Maurice Sheehy.The picture of Minie is not too bad at all. But people I have let see the pictures you sent me can see a lot of the Buckleys in them. Our Murphy cousins are all dead, and the farm is given to (I)
Subject: grandpa, Jack & John
Year: 1937Pa