Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Bill Barrett and Anita Douredoure visit Barrett home Bala Cynwyd westside,suburb of Philadelphia summer l937 {W} #900 p 34
Anita was a Philadelphia native who dated Bill Barrett about l932 to l937 after his first wife Catherine Miley died of cancer l931. She sent Sophie Barrettt many informative and amusing stories in l970s'. Jack Barrett got Bill and Anita tickets for Army-Navy football game Phialadelphia November l937. Anita met many prominent businessmen whom Bill knew through his work in charge of Policyholders Service Bureau, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Both Ania and Sophie were very fond of Bill's father John Robert Barrett l854-l942. Once a fortune teller palm-reader looked at Bill's hand and said he would be married three times (Billl and Anita were Catholic, and divorce was rare to non-existent.Bill was a widower, and Anita said "I think I'll wait for the third round>" Tragically it turned out that Bill's second wife Virgionia Brady, whom he married September l938, died of cancer spring l945 while Jack and Sophie were still at war in Hawaii. Virginia was the father of Bill's only son William Joel Barrett born August 26, l939. Jack Barrett never forgot that Anita visited ar 422 Columbia Road, Dorchester, where Sophie was delighted with her beautiful chinese rugs, woven l931 at nicholson rug factory Tientsin. Anita smoked cigarettes,and Jack always remembered how "Anita got her ashes on the gold rug." The small burn may not have been noticed by visitors, but Jack was aware of it.Nonetheless Sophie and John treasured Anita's letters, andAnita got to know Sophie's Mount Holyoke classmate Rebecca Glover "Becky" Smaltz, active in labor, sociaol work and Philadel[phia YWCA.
Subject: Anita Douredoure & Bill Barrett visit Cynwyd
Year: 1937Anita