Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Senior class l953- all fifteen members in Roxbury Latin classroom upstairs 35-909 (R)
Seating plan was alphabetical, with random walk of some students to windows and radiators for purpose of photography for year book. Cary Potter was class master l952-l953 Class I and had the same group as Fourth Classmen l949-l950. Front row of desks from left:Jack Banton, Herb Cronin,Peter Banks, John Barrett- second row Paul Kavanaugh,Bob Macdonald, Ed Galvin, Gordon Martin,third row Cliff Ronan, James Sullivan,Robert McLAughlin, Paul Wheeler, on raditors and window ledges Joseph Bonarrigo, James Haddow, Randall Hare.School was three blocks from Barrett home. Many students were neighbors #909 p 35- One of the most important concepts to develop for translating Latin is INDIRECT DISCOURE, as when in English we say, "He said that...." The main verb of the indirect statement is a Latin INFINITIVE, and the subordinate clauses are in SUBJUNCTIVE mood. The conjunction "CUM" often takes the subjunctive introducing clauses that say 'when' or 'where." Do not confuse this word with the Latin preposition "CUM" which means 'with' AND forms the prefix 'con-' or 'com-' and makes a verb that takes dative case."Ut" is another important Conjuction that often introduces a subjunctive clause. Example "Accidit ut ...." [It happened that .... subjunctive].A phrase worth learning is "non solum ... sed etiam" "not only ...but also" Solum s neuter form of adjective Solus -a -um - adverb 'etiam' is compound of "et" and "iam". Cum ...tum is another conjunctive phrase. A famous line from Second book of AENEID is "Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes." Danaos accusative plural is a Latin name for Greeks, who encountered prejudice in traditional old Romans. There are three verbs meaning to fear -timeo {respect] vereor, metuo. Metuo is less common - sometimes implies religious reverence. Timeo implies 'don't underestimate you enemy.' 'Ferentes' is present active participle of the important verb fero, ferre, tuli, latus, meaning 'bear' or 'carry.' It is accusative plural and modifies the direct object Danaos----"I fear the Greeks even though they bear gifts" [spoken by Laoocoon the Trojan] What part of the verb is "ADDENDUM" - which has become an English word?? It means 'it must be added' - why 'must'? That is a HINT about the first question. do you remember the answer? 'Verbum sapienti sat'is a line from an Early latin comic play. It is a shortening of 'Verbum sapienti satis est." 'Verbum' neuter means wise - SUBJECT. 'Sapienti' is present participle in dative singular masculine form.Adverb 'satis' means enough, sufficient, The translation is the old maxim "A word to the wise is sufficent." j....s mother has sarcoidosis and fibromyalgia. I find there are Internet websites on these conditions, but many of the better items about these conditions do not come in on the Library computers. Can you find Computers that can access these? She also has a kidney condition because of which she has been advised to curtail calcium. On the other hand researchers at OregonState claim that the relation of calcium to sodium is a major factor in high blood pressure, that is likely to occur when sodium is high and calcium, potassium, magnesium are low. Calcium is very important against osteoporosis - and Vitamin d is a factor. So it may be very important that Mrs. Turner {Brian's mother] get the right level of calcium - not too much not too little. I am wondering how we might get more infomrmation so we can ask her doctors the right questions. It could be important. Try seningme an E mail to make sure you have my address. You can let me know if you have Latin or other study problems. If I should be sick or there should be bad weather or bus troubles, I might sometimes send information from Port Angeles library.Look at Horace Odes, Caesar Gallic Wars, Vergil Aeneid on --there is a great variety of material and Greek too
Subject: senior class Roxbury Latin
Year: 1953seniors at desks