Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Jack Barrett postcard to stepmother from Bari Italy August 6, l909 #913 p 35
"This place is on the Adriatic Sea north of Brindisi. hope you are all o.k."Postcard from Revenue Cutter Service cadet John Berchmans Barrett to his stepmother Mary Lane Barrett August 4, l909 from Bari Italy showing Piazza Conte Cavour, named for Genoa=Piedmont diplomat who achieved Italian reunification l859. Jack Barrett discussed the stop of the ITASCA for coal at Bari on south east coast of Italy the night of the Cuban missle crisis October l962 when the Barrett family visited Bob Leet Harvard l957 and his wife Helena Pellegrini in Albany New York and learned Helena's family were from Bari, Italy. John Barrett decided to get out of Boston before Kennedy and Khrushchev started exchanging nuclear missles. History indicated the concern was not frivolous as the superpowers never came closer to nuclear war than that night, as sons of Krushchev and Anastas Mikoyan have agreed.One nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day.(9)
Subject: Bari Italy PiazzaConde Cavour
Year: 1909August6Bari