Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Bertha Meranski-Sophie's next older sister - married Sam Pollack l924 p38-934 {F}
Sophie roomed with her older sister Bertha and often received her hand-me-down clothes. They walked to school together. Bertha took the business course. Three photos of her appear in the l9l7 Year Book of Hartford Public High School - one a formal photo, and she also appears in the Glee Club group and Girls business club groups.I would like to obtain copies of these three photos if anyone who sees thiscan visit the Hartford PublicLibrary (masin) when I saw these photos in l988. I would also like to obtain the photos of Bertha's friends and classmates Eva Levin (later Mrs. Bacon) and Lynette Silverberg - they were also in the photo groups. Eva Levin and her older brother Meyer were neighbors of the Meranskis on Morgan St l9l2 - and they introduced Bertha to their relative Sam Pollaack of Minsk and Dorchester, whom she married in l924 - having sonJason daughter Thalia (Klein) and four grandsons.
Subject: Bertha Meranski
Year: 1911