Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Abe Meranski born l896 married Ethyle Bererson - father of Ted Meranski and Carol Jane Meranski Gitlen
Abe was drafted in Army l9l8 in World Wai I - was at Camp Devens Massachusetts at time of Armistice November 11, 1918. He worked at Vandeman plumbers Hartford - has five grandchildren 1998. p 38 {F} Some events of June 1999- On Greyhound Ameripass I have visited Harvard 1958 E. Robert Owen in Topeka ,Kansas and have seen my cousins Ted Meranski and Carol Gitlen in Steamboat Springs Colorado where we visited Ted's son Arnie Meranski who is in real estate in Aurora-Englewood and Colorado generally.I saw Carol's husband Herb Gitlen and Arnie's mother and brother Michael who operates hotel and restaurant in St. Georges Granada West Indies.Also several other family members.I toured many parts of west Boise-Payette River-Little Salmon river-McCall riggins, Lewiston, Moscow Idaho - in Montana Mission Mountains Whitefish Lake, Kalispell= Missoula- Grand Falls, Billings - down across eastern Wyoming via Gillette-Cheyenne Powder River- crossed Colorado by several routes - Vail - Grand Junction- Gunnison. In 1996 I came west via Albuquerque over Las Animas-Durango route in southwest Colorado eleven thosuand feet- through Green River Utah to Salt Lake City.On earlier trips 1990 I visited Madison -Gallatin rivers Montana and West Yellowstone and 1995 several routes from Butte across Bitteroot area and Henrys Fork,Rexburg, Idaho Falls.Not driving a car, I have tried to see as many parts of weswt by Greyhound as possible. My family visited l947 Yosemite, monerey, Redwoods, Crater Lake, Columnbia River, mt. Rainier, Lake Pen Oreille idaho north pandhandhle - Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand teton. Yesterday I passed near Ritzville in Washington's eastern emprie, where we spent a hot night in early July 1947- I remember the hollyhocks there, and was glad of motel showers, but it was quite hot.Kalaloch and Forks are nice June 30. Craig Jensen recently on mission in Port Angles, was married in Lindon Utah yesterday - resides Heber City.While at Bob Owen's in Topeaka I spoke by telehpone with his classmates Tom Fritz and John Copeland and John's wife Vinnie Copeland.Bob wss Olympic hockey poayer, majored in english - took Bullitt's course on Swift and eighteenth centruy writers . His fater had South Dakota balloon business Raven Industries.
Subject: Abe Meranski
Year: 1911