Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Sophie in Europe (Rome?) l932 {7}{S}
#946 p 39 Sophie indicates she and Jack enjoyed Rome,staying in moderate priced pension after expensive Naples hotel. They visited catacombs, Coliseum, Vatican, art museums. Mr. and Mrs. Pardee invited them to dinner and opera- they dressed formally as requested, but it turned out the Pardees' seats were high up in the galleries, where everyoe wore informal clothes. Mollie Barrett enjoyed 1963 Rome visit with Pistorino family. Jack visited Italy twice - in 1909 he saw Genoa, Naples,Messina Bari, Venice, Trieste, and nearby Malta then british, now independent--in 1932 he and Sophie toured Naples, Rome, Florence, Venice and then had brief look at Italian riviera near French border. As a boy Jack read Henty's "Makers of Florence" and "Makers of Venice." He had four years of Latin study at Boston Latin and two or three of classic Greek, and was particularly familiar with Julius Caesar's "Gallic Wars". He used the Duruy-Grosvenor Ancient History 1898 revision of 1848 text both at Boston Latin and revenue Cutter School.
Subject: Sophie near Roman ruin l932
Year: 1932