Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Arthur, Pearl,& Sade Meranski with Minnie,Al,Paul Deutch;Eva & Marion Taylor,Hartford CT Sep 1935 #947 p 39
See accompanying letter Dec. 1939 from Sade Meranski to her sister-in-law Sophie Barrett, then at 9615 Shore Road, Brooklyn near the Narrows - by clicking on photo for detail. Sophie's eldest brother Harry born May 1891 served in Army 1918, married Sade Taylor (originally Portnoy) l9l8 had son Arthur later 28 Years Army Lt. Col in tanks Normandy l944 Inchon Korea l950 and daughter Pearl many years working in photo lab at Travelers |Insurance Co.Arthur wrote wonderful letters to his aunt Sophie 1973-1986 from Aberdeen Md. Marion Taylor was a neighbor of the Barretts in Brooklyn l939-1941 when she worked as a nurse at Greenpoint Hospital.Dr. |Israel Peter Meranski pediatrician saw his nephew Arthur in France in 1944.Arthur's children and grandchildren are in Maryland and Delaware. {F}
Subject: Arthur,Pearl,Sade Meranski w. Taylors and |Deutche
Year: 1935