Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Sophie John and Mollie Barrett near Swift Current Cabins Glacier National Park Montana. Jack Barrett photo p 3-17


The Swift Current Cabins were in the northeast section of Glacier national Park in the Hudson Bay- Arctic drainage. They were operated by a friendly school teacher from Minneapolis.Reservations were made through Roberta Clark of the Honolulu office of the American Austomobile Association. The Barretts came via Mount Rainier, Seattle, Ritzville (night at a motel;), Spokane, beautiful Pend Oreille lake in the Idaho panhandle, Thompson Falls and Kalispell Montana, and across the continental divide on the spectacular Going to the Sun Highway.Mollie and John made a day hike to blue-green Iceberg Lake on a ranger-guided group. Artists asked Sophie and Mollie to leave their clothes out drying on the clothesline until they completed sketches for a painting. Jack later made a point of visiting Butte, Montana, with its big copper mines and nigh hills. The Barretts crossed open range in parts of Montana, where cattle couod be driven from Texas to Canada without fences.Jack Barrett photo about July 12, l947. Tilted rock strata visible in picture are probably part of Cambrian Overthrust Belt over a billion years old and thrust east scores of miles by tectonic forces on top of much younger rocks from Laramide Orogeny about seventy million years before present time.p 3 #17


Pollack family gathering Massachusetts for wedding? l950? p 3 #18


Jason Pollack upper left Thalia lower left, & Sophie Barrett's sister with Rubinsteins and other Pollack relations believed to be at a wedding in southernMassachusetts Sharon? l950? Sam Pollack was one of the younger boys in a family of ten.He met Bertha Meranski about l922 through his cousins Meyer and Eva Levin, who had been neighbots of the Meranskis on Morgan Street Hartford about l9l2. Eva Levin was a l9l7 classmate and close friends of Bertha meranski in the business course at Hartford PublicHigh School. They were active in the Women business Blub and Glee Club at thehigh School, and their photos appear in the l9l7 Year Book on File at Hartford Public Library.Sam's grandmother led her large family to boston from Minsk Russia about l909.Sam's older sister's son Charles Angoff wrote a series of historical novels, ofwhich the earliest, "Yonder is the Dawn" tells the story of the ninety-year-old grandmother bringing the family to Boston. John Barrett juniotr had extensive conversations l987-l988 with Eva Levin Bacon, then in West Harford and her cousin Bessie Hahn in boston near Science Park.Sophie and Eva were friends in high school. Eva and Bertha used to walk to school together.Eva says her brother Meyer actually introduced Sam and Bertha -Bertha was at a motion picture, and Sam came to visit, and Meyer took him to see Bertha.Actually Bessie Hahn was a first cousin of Sam Pollack, and Eva and the Levins were somewhat more distant with Ukraine antecedents.


.Sophie and Jack Barrett in favorite rocking chairs 2415 Ala Wai Boulevard l944i p3 #19


Taken by John Barrett, junior,at their home at 2415 Ala Wai Boulevard Waikiki with pets of Nancy d'Aubert of 2411B Ala Wai - cocker spaniel Wickie and kitten Samurai. The d'Auberts later moved to a rural site between Kailua and the Koolau mountains on the rainy northeast coast but kept in touch with our Samoan neighbor upstairs (Her name may have been Clark?) and took an interest in her young son Tommy, mentioned in Sophie Barrett's memoirs.Sophie managed to purchase these ocking chairs during a time of extreme shortages early in the war spring l942, when she went shopping with another Navy wife Lillian Arroro of Louisana. Eddie Arroyo had hiked over the NUUANU PALI WITH JACK BARRETT IN MARBLEHEAD DAYS 1925.SOPHIE SAID THESE WERE THE LAST furniture in the store. The Barrett furniture had been shipped out toPearl Harbor from Brooklyn l941 but was returned to Dunn Staorage Company Boston for six years when they rented a furnished house in WaikikiJuly 28, l941. Sophie did not want to take Navy housing at Makalapa near the big oil tanks at Pearl Harbor. Fortunately the Japanese neglected this important target December 7, l941, or the turnaround in allied fortunes at Midway June 4, l942 would likely have been delayed.


Commander Barrett, John's mother, and John, 1943 #20 p 3


A delightful trio of shots showing John and his parents, taken in Hawaii around 1943.Christmas card Sophie's picture was earliest, in front of 2415 Ala Wai Boulevard, with iron porch railing showing probably September 1941. John's picture was about October, l942, and Jack liked a light effect in which John's permanent teeth, forming under the gums, cause reflection of light (Jack Barrett photos).The picture of Jack Barrett was taken by a U.S. Navy photographer in Jack's personal inner office in the Admionistration Building Pearl Harbor, first floor, on the south front corner of the building. The set of three was prepared for l943 Christmas cards. 12 CEIBA PENTANDRA 15 Cameraria retusa 16-17 Gliricidia sepium 18 Spndias mombi 21 Calycophyllum candidissimum26 Coccothrinax Victorini, litoralis, muricata, fragrans, 31 saxicola, alexandri, 62 gundlachii 27-39 Cecropia peltata 28,44 Clusia rosea 30 Comocladia dentata Anacardiaceae 32 Heliotropium sphaerococcum Croton myricifolius, Bouteloua juncea 33-4-5-6-7 Zamia angustifolia 113-4 pygmaea 40 Sterculia apetala 42 Cyathea 43 Rhytidophyllum tomentosum Gesneriaceae 45 Euterpe globosa 46 Eugenia jambos "Pomarrosa" 47 Hohenbergia penduliflora 47=8 Phaius grandifolius terrestrial orchid 49 Randia spinifex Rubiac 50-1-2 Pereskia cubensis arborescent cactus +98-99 grandifolia 53 Lemaireocactus hystrix 54 Cephalocereus brooksianus cac + Gundlachia lindeniana aster 55Dendrocereus nudiflorus - giant cactus 56-7 Opuntia macrantha 58 Citharexylum tristachya 63 Alvadaroa arborescens Simaroubac oriente 64 -109 Dichrostachys natans mimosa African 65 Swietenia mahogani "Acajou" 66-7 Belaira mucronate 67 Dendropht [h?] ora dominguensis Loranthac + Tillandsia fasciculata 69 Omphalea trichotoma dimorphisme foliare 70 -1-2-3-4-5 Colpothrinax wrightii 76-7-8 -113-5 Acoeloraphe wrightii 80-1 Microcycas calocoma Jan 19 Consolacion del Sur 87 Gynerium sagittatum grande gramine'e 90-1 Pinus tropicalis Pinar del Rio + L'I^le des Pins 92-120 Quercus virginiana 94 Hibiscus costatus Organos 95 Pavonia malacophylla 96 Rondeletia correifolia Rubiac Pinar del Rio 100 GAUSSIA princeps endemique OrgaNOS 101-1 SPathelia brittonii Rutac 102 Bombyx emarginatum 103 Ekmanianthe actinophylla Bignoniac Organos 104=5 Ficus religiosa, benjamina + 122 subscabrida 106 Plumeria rubra tricolor Apocynac 107 Hura crepitans sabliers Ouratea agrophylla Maytenus buxifolia Cordia globosa Triopteris jamaicensis Malpighiac Casearia aculeata Hippocratea volubilis "Bejucos" Laguncularia racemosa;PPale/tuviers Cestrum diurnum,Pluchea odorata 108 Sabal florida110 Ochlospermum vitifolium, 111 Anacardium occidentale Cachous 115 Lygodium cubense Fouge're 116-7 Tabebuia lepidophylla "Rompe roma" Bignoniac 118-9 Pachyanthus0 poiretti Melastomatac 121 Yucca aloifolia 122 Selenicereus 124 Hypericum stypheloides w. 125-6 Kalmiella ericoides Pinar del Rio 128 Befaria cubensis e/ricace/ arbuste pinar del Rio 129 Vaccinium ramonii 130 Calocarpum sapoti "Sapotillier" "Mamey colorado" 131 Philodendron wrightii Arac 132 Piper ossanum los Organos 134 Xylopia grandiflora Anonac 135 Urera baccifera 136 Megalopanax rex 137 Agave legrelliana Matanzas bay 1`41 Coccothrinax miraguama v. roseocarpa San Miguel de los Banos 144 litoral 143 Agave sisalana Cardenas 145 Dendrocereus nudiflorus a' Varadero 3 coasts 146 Erythroxylon rotundifolium calciare madreporique de Varadero 148 Cephalocereus robinii. Guiacum sanctum,Carica cubensis. 149-50 Enterolobium cyclocarpum le/gume oreja de j 151 Sabal parvifola + 154 japa 152 vDistichlis spicata gramine/e a' Batabano 155 Scirpus validus-Nymphaea amazonum a' Batabano 157 Conocarpus erecta 158 Trianthema portulacastrum xerophyte 159 Phoradendron randiae sur Guazuma tomentosa 160 Artocarpus integer jack fruit 162 Adansonia digitata + merrill 163 Mauritia flexuosa a' Soledad 166 Clitoria guianensis 167-70 Byrsonima verbascifolia geophyte ligneuse L'I^le des Pins. 177 Bulbostylis paradoxa Cyperac 180 Alsophila aspera Fouge're arboresc 181 Eriosema crinitum 184 Delonix regia fruit 186 Didymopanax morotoni Araliac tree + 237 Yagruma Macho 187 Brya ebenuslegum taillis 188 ronde de sorcie'res Acoele w 190 Bromelia pinguis 191 Sapindus saponaria 192 Luziola spruceana Pinar del Rio 193 Salix occidentalis 194 Clerodendrum fragrans v. pleniflorum Verbenac 195 Eleocharis interstincta Lagune de piedra 197 Bauhinia divaricata" 206 Polypodium pectinatum 207 Miconia serrulata Melastomataceae 208 Calyptronoma dulcis a' Topes de Collanthes Trinidad 212-3 Martynia annua 218 Calocarpum sapota 220 Cephalanthus occidentalis a' Ariguanabo lagoon 221 paspalum repens 222 Oro de agua source Batanabo 223 Sambucus canadensis mexicana Mariel Bahia Honda 227 Lonchocarpus dominguensis legume fish poison tree 229 Genipa americana "Jagua" Rubiac 232 Ochroma pyramidalis "Lanero" balsa wood 234 Theobroma cacao 235 Erythrina glauca le/gum 236 Momordica charantia Cucurbitac 239 Pteris longifolia 241 Maisi Rivage Coccoloba uvifera, Ambrosia hispida 249 Melo0cactus acunai 253 Capparis cynophallophora Erythroxylon brevipes 254 Tyrannus 255 Phyllostylon brasiliensis "Jatia" semi-microphylle 261 Lysiloma latisiliqua le/gum


Double exposure Sophie and Jack Barrett p 3 #21


Photo by John Barrettt junior.Needles home at 2421 Ala Wai Boulevard is visible in background, where we used bomb shelter l942 and attended Hawaiian=style outdoor luaus l946.Margaret "Mimi" Gage Bronson and her entomologist husband Harry were the Needles' upstairs tenants l946-7. An ornamental variegated (white-patched) panax hedge divided the two yars, and there were two hibiscus bushes, a tall palm tree and a papaya nearby and further back a prickly pear cactus about ten feet tall.Beyond the Needles, the next house had a poinciana tree with abundant bright red flowers. Pink and golden shower trees were numerous in the Waikiki neighborhood, and purple bouganvillea bushes and coconut palms alternated about fifteen feet apartment along the Ala Wai Canal for more than a mile. Mangoes, monkeypod trees, Bauhinia "orchid trees" and oleanders were abundant, and we were one block from the famous Kaiulani banyan, where Robert Lousis Stevenson known as "Tuisitala" the "teller of tales" read to young Princess Kaiulani l890. Except for double exposure this is one of best photos ofJack Barrett from this period


Sphinx side view and pyramid Jack Barrett photo #22 p 3


cc l923 Mount Holyoke Class song music by Ruth King Dunne, lyric by archaeologist Marion Nosser of Brooklyn, born Turkey- "Wind hushed, the desert lies dreaming Under the far eastern sky Only the Sphinx keeps its secret Waiting for daylight to die Now 'neath the warm blue of Heaven Rousing itself with a sigh Softly it speaks,and its whisper Floats to the dome of the sky.- Hark! don't you hear the far echo Borne on the night wind to us - Now has the Sphinx told its Secret 'NON SIBI, SED OMNIBUS." Faithful we'll guard it forever, Marching beneath it unfurled - Until the age-long Secret Lies in the Heart of the world." Every four years a graduating class passed its symbol, and color on to the new freshmen who would enter the following September. Classes of l9l9, l923, and l927 had the color yellow and the Sphinx symbol for graduation and other festive marching occasions. Their sister classes l921 and l925 had the color green. There were songs for odd and even sister classes. The even classes l922 and 1924 had the colors blue and red and a very pretty song to the melody "The Old Red Shawl" - "Sisters dear we are glad that you are here - We like to see the Crimson with the Blue We are loyal every one, and When all is said and done, Little sisters, we are very proud of you." Among Sophie's friends, Cora Hughes l922 helped arrange for Sophie to earn money for Junior prom by working on the college telephone switchboard. Sophie remained in correspondence with Cora until the l980's - they were in Brigham Hall with Miss Wheeler -l921-l922. In l922 Harriet Cogswell was Queen of the May. She was active in Young Women's Christian Association and became a missionary teacher at Gin-Ling College,Nanking, where Harvard botanist S. Y. Hu was her student and later attended her wedding.He sister worked at Macy's stores l929 when Sophie Meranski did also and her sister gave Harriet's letters and numerous boxes of China photos to Mount Holyoke Williston College library.Javk Barrett met Harriet Cogswell and her fiance diplomat Paul Meyer at Nanking February-March l930 when the destrytoer TRUXTUN traveled up the Yangtze. TRUXTUN officers attended a reception at the American consulate, and Harriet Cogswell and Paul Meyer visited aboard the destroyer.


Phanton ShipCrater Lake from Kerr Notch p 3 #23


June 28 or June 29, l947. Barrett family arrived from Redwood Highway and Crescent City California June 27, l947 in heavy snowstorm approaching Cater Lake Lodge, with the largest fireplace in state of Oregon. Weather was clear June 28-29, and road was open to southeast to Kerr Notch, where Jack took photos in clear sunshine. The north rim and sixty per cent of the rim Drive remained closed with late spring snow accumuilation. The Barretts proceeded to Portland and Columbia river via Eugene and Willamette River after return to Grants Pass, where they were forced off road by out-of control big lumber truck,but truck driver and passing motorists assisted getting l937 Lincoln Zephyr out of ditch and back on road.


Pagsanjan canyon, southeastern Luzon, Philippines p 3 #24


One of the most enjoyable events on Sophie and Jack Barrett's ;l932 world tour was a day trip from Manila to southeast Luzon, where they were guests in a guided canoe tour. One photo of Sophie in a canoe survives l993 thefts. The trip is recommended for all first -and- second honeymooners. Astron--Constellations Lloyd Motz Carol Nathanson 523.8903- Bet M0Ia. diam 920 sun.-550 puls 2070 days semireg he4+he4 = Be8. +he4 - - C12 + gam RIgel LEF LEG TRIPLE 150 S LUM bELLATRIX 5H 22' +6,18' MAG 1.64 saiph K ORIONIS sword color -.16 700 parsecs BO Ia. abs. mag -6.8 50,000 s lum. p.98 -eta handle ofsword Saif al jabbar close optical double eclipsing like b Lyrae. MINTAKA "the Belt" Delta Or 20,000 s. lum. 450 parsec 1500 ly. abs mag -6.0 col +.21 5.7 day eclipsing binary.Interstellar matter Mintaka's spectrum K lines on calcium in stars O5 to B3 Doppler. Alnilam epsilon string of pearls 45,000K B0 Ia color -.18 -abs mag -6.8 single star radial veloc 26.1 km/sec 500 parsecs 1630 ly 51 parsecs from Mintaka or 163ly - Alnitak zeta girdle mag -6.2 O9.5 Ib col -21 s lum 35,000 - 1600 ly-500 parsec moving away from "Belt stars -TRAPEZIUM Theta-1 theta open cluster popul I stars p 282 Cygnus V444 Cygni 20 h 17.7' +38,34' nne of P Cygni Wolf-Rayet 17 million milews from O four day period.--few hundred WR abs mag -4 to -8 60000 - 100,000 surf temp K radii about twice sun V444 4900 ly-- Wr 18 solar masses 1450 lum 2.3 s radius. He++ C N O Si ions gas shell expanding inner 3 x rad s thin outer 8 times radius



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