Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Sophie John and Mollie Barrett near Swift Current Cabins Glacier National Park Montana. Jack Barrett photo p 3-17
The Swift Current Cabins were in the northeast section of Glacier national Park in the Hudson Bay- Arctic drainage. They were operated by a friendly school teacher from Minneapolis.Reservations were made through Roberta Clark of the Honolulu office of the American Austomobile Association. The Barretts came via Mount Rainier, Seattle, Ritzville (night at a motel;), Spokane, beautiful Pend Oreille lake in the Idaho panhandle, Thompson Falls and Kalispell Montana, and across the continental divide on the spectacular Going to the Sun Highway.Mollie and John made a day hike to blue-green Iceberg Lake on a ranger-guided group. Artists asked Sophie and Mollie to leave their clothes out drying on the clothesline until they completed sketches for a painting. Jack later made a point of visiting Butte, Montana, with its big copper mines and nigh hills. The Barretts crossed open range in parts of Montana, where cattle couod be driven from Texas to Canada without fences.Jack Barrett photo about July 12, l947. Tilted rock strata visible in picture are probably part of Cambrian Overthrust Belt over a billion years old and thrust east scores of miles by tectonic forces on top of much younger rocks from Laramide Orogeny about seventy million years before present time.p 3 #17
Subject: Barretts rest near stream (Y)Glacier Park Swift Cu
Year: 1947July 11