Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Pollack family gathering Massachusetts for wedding? l950? p 3 #18
Jason Pollack upper left Thalia lower left, & Sophie Barrett's sister with Rubinsteins and other Pollack relations believed to be at a wedding in southernMassachusetts Sharon? l950? Sam Pollack was one of the younger boys in a family of ten.He met Bertha Meranski about l922 through his cousins Meyer and Eva Levin, who had been neighbots of the Meranskis on Morgan Street Hartford about l9l2. Eva Levin was a l9l7 classmate and close friends of Bertha meranski in the business course at Hartford PublicHigh School. They were active in the Women business Blub and Glee Club at thehigh School, and their photos appear in the l9l7 Year Book on File at Hartford Public Library.Sam's grandmother led her large family to boston from Minsk Russia about l909.Sam's older sister's son Charles Angoff wrote a series of historical novels, ofwhich the earliest, "Yonder is the Dawn" tells the story of the ninety-year-old grandmother bringing the family to Boston. John Barrett juniotr had extensive conversations l987-l988 with Eva Levin Bacon, then in West Harford and her cousin Bessie Hahn in boston near Science Park.Sophie and Eva were friends in high school. Eva and Bertha used to walk to school together.Eva says her brother Meyer actually introduced Sam and Bertha -Bertha was at a motion picture, and Sam came to visit, and Meyer took him to see Bertha.Actually Bessie Hahn was a first cousin of Sam Pollack, and Eva and the Levins were somewhat more distant with Ukraine antecedents.
Subject: Pollack clan
Year: 1950