Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Double exposure Sophie and Jack Barrett p 3 #21
Photo by John Barrettt junior.Needles home at 2421 Ala Wai Boulevard is visible in background, where we used bomb shelter l942 and attended Hawaiian=style outdoor luaus l946.Margaret "Mimi" Gage Bronson and her entomologist husband Harry were the Needles' upstairs tenants l946-7. An ornamental variegated (white-patched) panax hedge divided the two yars, and there were two hibiscus bushes, a tall palm tree and a papaya nearby and further back a prickly pear cactus about ten feet tall.Beyond the Needles, the next house had a poinciana tree with abundant bright red flowers. Pink and golden shower trees were numerous in the Waikiki neighborhood, and purple bouganvillea bushes and coconut palms alternated about fifteen feet apartment along the Ala Wai Canal for more than a mile. Mangoes, monkeypod trees, Bauhinia "orchid trees" and oleanders were abundant, and we were one block from the famous Kaiulani banyan, where Robert Lousis Stevenson known as "Tuisitala" the "teller of tales" read to young Princess Kaiulani l890. Except for double exposure this is one of best photos ofJack Barrett from this period
Subject: Jack and Sophie front lawn
Year: 1944